Pecora Online Warranty System

Pecora's Warranty:

Pecora warranties are only eligilble for products purchased through a Pecora Authorized Distributor.

Pecora Corporation warrants its products to be manufactured free of defects. Under this warranty, we will provide, at no charge, replacement materials for, or refund the purchase price of, any product proven to be defective when installed in accordance with our published recommendations and in applications considered by us as suitable for this product.  This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, and in no case will Pecora be liable for liquidated, incidental or consequential damages.

Applying for an Online Warranty:

A Pecora warranty application can be processed from anywhere you have web access. Simply choose your product to get started and you will receive a completed warranty via email within 48 hours or less.  You may also fax in your Warranty Application to 215-799-2518.

Pecora requires an online application to be completed for EACH individual product requesting a warranty. If you have multiple products for your project, you will be required to complete the first online application in its entirety. The system will then retain all of the project specific information for any additional products entered.

*If you require a Labor & Material, Joint and Several or SAMPLE warranty, please contact Mike Ellis in Technical Service at or 215-799-7503.




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