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Pecora Project Spotlight: The Museum of the American Revolution

Find out more about why Pecora’s 890 FTS-TXTR was selected for one of the newest museums to come to Philadelphia.

Georgia-Pacific Adds Pecora Air Barriers TechNote to DensGlass Webpage

Pecora is pleased to announce that Georgia-Pacific has added Pecora air barriers as a new TechNote to their Dens Glass sheathing webpage.

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3rd Jun, 2019 a 3:01pm
Safety Tip #1 – Safety Glasses Wear safety glasses if you might be exposed to flying particles, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids.
1st Jun, 2019 a 1:00pm
Don’t forget to check out Concrete Contractor Magazine this month! You can download digital copies from their website or request your own hard copy! We are showcasing our Pecora-Deck deck coatings in an ad for the June issue. Pecora offers a full line of traffic coatings & sealants that help protect wearing surfaces. Preventing water infiltration – whether in the form of liquid or vapor – is vital to the longevity of your structure. Our Pecora-Deck traffic coating systems are available in both vehicular and pedestrian applications. To learn more, please visit our website www.pecora.com.
31st May, 2019 a 10:00pm
In honor of National Safety Month, we at Pecora will be posting safety tips we live by in our manufacturing plant, warehouse, and across the entire company. "Safety first is safety always." -Charles M. Hayes
29th May, 2019 a 3:01pm
Naples, Florida boasts some of the states most beautiful residential homes, high-end shopping, and incredible architecture. The Fifth Third Bank Center is no exception. This six-story structure is the largest piece of commercial property in Collier County, with the entire back of the building covered in curved glass windows. After performing routine maintenance on the building, the decision was made to completely remove all urethane sealant around the windows and within the expansion joints. Our DynaTrol I-XL Hybrid was selected for the project. The unique chemistry utilized by the DynaTrol I-XL Hybrid formula allows for low odor, non-staining, and extraordinary adhesion capable of accommodating joint movement of ±50% of the original joint width.
27th May, 2019 a 12:02pm
Thank You! Pecora will be closed on Monday, May 27th, and will reopen on Tuesday, May 28th.
22nd May, 2019 a 12:00pm
For most of February 2019, the Northeast has dealt with crippling cold fronts and heavy amounts of snow which could possible hold up construction. Last month, RVS Construction applied our Pecora XL-Flash and XL-Perm ULTRA VP to the exterior of the Toyota dealership in Manhattan, New York. Our XL-Perm ULTRA VP is a fluid applied air, vapor, and water resistive barrier which utilizes a hybrid (STPU) formulation that allows the barrier to be successfully applied at ambient temperatures below 20° F. Contractors have the ability to effectively apply our products even in the coldest of temperatures. To learn more about this product, visit our website www.pecora.com
20th May, 2019 a 3:02pm
Pecora is very proud of the energy conscious products we develop and offer our customers. All of our products help contribute to the LEED credits obtained for the energy efficiency rating of a building. Our Pecora sealants, coatings, and air barriers, optimize energy use by sealing a building’s envelope creating lower costs and increased efficiencies associated with keeping air and water out of your structure. We strive to meet the requirements and regulations needed to achieve compliance around the country. To learn more about our energy efficient products, stop by our booth #8639 at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019. #2019AIAConference #LEEDMember #Architecture
17th May, 2019 a 12:00pm
Pecora’s non-staining technology line of construction silicone products remains the industry’s first and only complete non-staining product line. Our non-staining technology products help protect the glass on the windows from staining and prevent residue rundown while increasing adhesion and reducing dirt pick-up. Century Building Solutions recently applied our 895NST to the window perimeters of the 3347 Michelson Dr. Project in Irvine, California. Our 895NST is a high performance structural silicone glazing and weatherproofing sealant that may also be used as a weatherseal in structural glazing applications. To learn more about this product, contact your local sales representative or distributor https://lnkd.in/euuTsFj
15th May, 2019 a 3:01pm
At Pecora, we strive to provide our customers with direct access to our staff and reduce complexity while increasing performance and allowing for a smooth decision-making process. When it comes to AIA presentations, specification writing, technical drawings, and product selection, Pecora’s technical resources, including an in-house architect, aid in problem solving with solutions that are practical as well as appropriate for project requirements. Our expert team is highly qualified to recommend and answer any weatherproofing questions 24/7. Stop by our booth #8639 at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019 to speak to our Building Science Architect. #2019AIAConference #TechnicalResources #Architecture
13th May, 2019 a 7:01pm
The Manhattan Beach Towers sit only a 5-minute bike ride from the beautiful surf of Manhattan Beach, and less than a mile from the local Top Golf. With beautiful views and a great location, unobstructed windows are a must for any working professional occupying desk space in this office building. Contractors believed the same and chose our Pecora 895NST for the window perimeters of the building. Our 895NST is a part of the industry’s only full line of construction silicone non-staining technology sealants. The 895NST effectively eliminates the possibility of staining and residue rundown while increasing adhesion and reducing dirt pick-up. The color black was selected from our 14 standard color options for the 895NST. For more information on this product, contact your local sales representative https://lnkd.in/euuTsFj

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