Pecora Project Spotlight: The Museum of the American Revolution

Find out more about why Pecora’s 890 FTS-TXTR was selected for one of the newest museums to come to Philadelphia.

Georgia-Pacific Adds Pecora Air Barriers TechNote to DensGlass Webpage

Pecora is pleased to announce that Georgia-Pacific has added Pecora air barriers as a new TechNote to their Dens Glass sheathing webpage.

Pecora Project Spotlight: Boeing Museum of Flight

The museum suffered from leaks due to poor sealant application. The project called for a full sealant replacement to stop the leaks.

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7th Feb, 2019 a 11:00pm
Week 1 Featured Field Adhesion Project Topic: Field Adhesion Testing Month Project: Denny Way Project Location: Seattle, Washington Contractor: Graham Construction Installer: Pacific Glass, Inc. Product: 895 NST – Structural Silicone Glazing & Weatherproofing, Non-Staining Technology Sealant Test Description: Pecora’s 895NST was applied between the brick and the aluminum storefront of the building. The pictures illustrate a 1 inch tab cut into the sealant and pulled to stretch 4 inches before tearing cohesively. There was no adhesive failure with this field adhesion test. #fieldadhesiontesting #pecoraprotects #siliconesealant
6th Feb, 2019 a 1:00pm
When discussing field adhesion testing, the best place to start is at the beginning, and one of the most commonly asked questions is, what exactly is a field adhesion test? The answer is quite simply, a quick and easy procedure that is conducted out in the field where a technician assesses the adhesion performance of a sealant installed. When the test is performed, the technician is subjectively looking for specific performance criteria, but ultimately the overall performance of the sealant in the joint is being assessed. Stayed tuned for next week, we will be discussing the two types of adhesion testing methods. Follow us on all social media! #pecoraprotects #pecoracorporation #pecora #fieldadhesiontesting #fieldadhesiontest #sealant #february #fieldadhesionmonth #jointheconversation #askpecora #askpecoracorporation #ASTM #ASTMC1521
4th Feb, 2019 a 9:00pm
The Stadium Managers Association is meeting this week in Hollywood Beach, Florida. To kick off the meeting, managers from around the United States and Canada watched the 53rd Super Bowl! Have fun this week! #stadiummanagersassociation #stadiummanagers #superbowl53 #pecoracorporation
4th Feb, 2019 a 4:00pm
Pecora’s non-staining technology continues to be a no-brainer for contractors when selecting a reliable sealant. A local apartment tower in Philadelphia, PA recently received our Pecora 895 NST. This product is specifically used for structural glazing of glass metal, and plastic. The 895 NST is a high-performing, neutral curing silicone sealant used to adhere glass to metal. To learn more about this product, and other Pecora products, please visit our newly updated website ! www.pecora.com
1st Feb, 2019 a 1:00pm
For the month of February, we will be dedicating a post every Wednesday to informing our followers of the importance of field adhesion testing. We will be highlighting frequently asked questions and common facts! Join the conversation throughout the month, and ask us questions about field adhesion testing using the hashtag, #PecoraProtects. #pecoraprotects #pecoracorporation #pecora #fieldadhesiontesting #fieldadhesiontest #sealant #february #fieldadhesionmonth #jointheconversation #askpecora #askpecoracorporation #ASTM #ASTMC1521
31st Jan, 2019 a 8:01pm
Our DynaTrol® II was designed as a general purpose non-sag elastomeric sealant that creates a firm bond and watertight seal between materials of similar or dissimilar surface textures, porosities, or expansion coefficients. Our Urexpan® NR-200 is a self-leveling elastomeric sealant that is very abrasion resistant and highly extendible to withstand long-term abuse and dynamic movement. These two products were selected to re-caulk the sealant of the exposed upper levels on two garages at West Chester University. Our NR-200 was used on all flat surfaces because it is self-leveling, and the DynaTrol was used on all slopes due to its non-sag capabilities. Our Pecora-Deck 800 deck coating was also used to cover the 80,000 sq. foot combined upper levels of the garages. For more information on polyurethane and deck coating products, contact our Technical Services department at techservices@pecora.com or 800-523-6688.
30th Jan, 2019 a 4:00pm
Don’t let frigid temperatures slow you down from applying our Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP air, vapor, and water resistive barrier to the exterior of your building! This product is a fluid applied coating which utilizes a solvent based hybrid (STPU) formulation and allows the coating to be successfully applied at a variety of temperatures including below freezing. To learn more about this product, please visit our website https://lnkd.in/e9F9RNB
29th Jan, 2019 a 9:00pm
28th Jan, 2019 a 4:01pm
We are excited to announce that we have completely revamped our Pecora Product Reference Guide. The brochure has been updated with a fresh look to highlight new project photos, technical and customer service capabilities, product information, and new and improved product informational charts. To request a stack of Pecora Reference Guide brochures, please visit our website https://lnkd.in/eaXrf5H
25th Jan, 2019 a 6:02pm
We would like to send a special shout out to Melissa Cassel who works in the Marketing Communications department. Melissa celebrates her ten year anniversary with Pecora! She began her career managing the Pecora Customer Service department, and for the past five years has had responsibility for both the Marketing Communications and Customer Service teams. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Cheers to ten more!

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