Pecora Project Spotlight: The Museum of the American Revolution

Find out more about why Pecora’s 890 FTS-TXTR was selected for one of the newest museums to come to Philadelphia.

You Don't Want To Miss This: World of Concrete 2019!

Full details for where you can find Pecora at the show and what time each day you can catch one of our live product demonstrations.

Pecora Project Spotlight: Boeing Museum of Flight

The museum suffered from leaks due to poor sealant application. The project called for a full sealant replacement to stop the leaks.

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17th Jan, 2019 a 1:00pm
We here at Pecora are very excited to announce the release of the newest addition to our air, vapor, and water barrier system, the Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA NP. This is the only non-permeable STPU (Silyl Terminated Polyurethane) liquid applied air barrier in our industry! The STPU chemistry allows for enhanced compatibility with a diverse selection of wall components. Applied to exterior wall assemblies where it functions as an air, vapor, and water batter, the NP is used to control the movement of air, vapor, and moisture within the building envelope. Applied in a single coat for major cost savings this durable elastomeric weatherproofing membrane provides two to three times the coverage of other fluid applied products. Advantages of this product include: washout resistant, UV & water resistant, low VOC. Contact our Technical Services department for more information techservices@pecora.com!
14th Jan, 2019 a 8:00pm
The Pecora-Deck 800 FC is a fast cure, high-solids, low-VOC, elastomeric, two-part cold applied liquid deck coating system, available in a variety of colors.
12th Jan, 2019 a 5:00pm
We are 10 days away from the 2019 World of Concrete Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Stop By Our Booth #S11351 In the South Hall & Our Demo Booth #O31146 in the Silver Lot.
9th Jan, 2019 a 5:00pm
Our DynaTrol I-XL Field Tintable Hybrid is a one-part moisture curing STPU specifically designed as a high performance sealant. Non-staining, non-yellowing, AND added flexibility to produce virtually any color in the field through use of Pecora's Universal Color Pack System.
7th Jan, 2019 a 1:00pm
We are 15 days away from the 2019 World of Concrete Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Stop By Our Booth #S11351 In the South Hall & Our Demo Booth #O31146 in the Silver Lot.
4th Jan, 2019 a 8:30pm
On behalf of everyone at Pecora we would like to wish a Happy 20 Year Anniversary to Howard Hinson! Thank you for your handwork and dedicated service to Pecora.
4th Jan, 2019 a 1:00pm
Our Pecora XL-Perm System consists of four components, used alone or together to create a energy efficient wall system. These components include: Pecora XL-PermULTRA VP (resistive barrier), Pecora AVB (adhesive), Pecora XL Flash (joint Filler), & Pecora XL Span (transition membrane)
2nd Jan, 2019 a 8:00pm
Check out the Pecora demo schedule for World of Concrete 2019! We will be showcasing our new DynaTrol I-XL Field Tintable Hybrid. Visit us in the Silver Lot #O31164.
28th Dec, 2018 a 1:00pm
Happy New Year!
25th Dec, 2018 a 1:01pm
Merry Christmas!

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