1215 Narrow Joint Seam Sealer

Pecora’s 1215 Seam Sealer offers a superior silicone alternative to the traditional acrylic narrow joint seam sealer.

Pecora 1215 Seam Sealer is a VOC compliant, 100% silicone sealant designed for mechanically fixed narrow corner, rivet and butt joint seams as well as screw heads in vinyl and aluminum window fenestration. This moisture cure silicone formula reduces noxious odors on the production line while ensuring enhanced productivity and dependable performance. In the fabrication of windows and doors, it is not always an easy process to switch a production line to a new sealant.  Pecora 1215 Seam Sealer offers significant benefits compared to the traditional acrylic seam sealer which provide incentive for manufacturers to test and adopt this unique product.

  • Moisture Cure vs. Solvent Release Cure – The moisture cure of silicone reduces shrinkage, improves worker safety, and sharply reduces odor.
  • Faster Cure Rate Than Acrylic Sealants – With a faster skin time and rapid through cure speed of just 180 minutes, manufacturers can increase productivity with a shorter holding period.
  • More Viscous than Acrylic Sealant – With a more viscous, less runny product, it is easier for manufacturers to apply and requires less clean-up.
  • Safety – A flashpoint of 220°F compared to 31°F of acrylic seam sealer.AAMA Compliance 803.3, Type II


After testing Pecora 1215 Seam Sealer, customers found that not only did it address all of the concerns typically associated with an acrylic seam sealer, but some additional benefits observed were:

  • Adhesion –  The Thermal Barrier Silicone (TBS) formulation provides unprecedented adhesion to a variety of substrates including structural thermal barriers such Insulbar®.
  • Quality Control – UV black light visibility is available in Translucent and Tru-white colors.  With the use of a black light, gaps in the sealant can be easily detected by QC to ensure the joint is entirely sealed.
  • VOC – VOC of <250 compared to <420 found in a traditional acrylic narrow joint seam sealer.

1215 Seam Sealer cartridge and bucket

Practical and Economical alternatives to the traditional plews gun:

To view a video showing an alternative approach to dispensing small joint seam sealer using a mid handle mount gun as opposed to the traditional plews gun.

To view a video using a small squeeze bottle as a very effective and inexpensive alternative to plews gun.

Pecora 1215 Seam Sealer  is available from authorized distributors throughout the United States and is part of a professional system that must be used in conformity with manufacturer’s instructions.  For more information or a test sample, please contact your local Pecora Sales Representative.

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