VIDEO-Applying XL-Perm ULTRA VP in Cold Weather

The XL Perm ULTRA VP is the first installment of our air, vapor, and water resistive barrier product line. This product can be rolled or sprayed at ambient temperatures ranging from 5° F to 100° F. For low temperature applications, the XL Perm ULTRA VP fluid applied coating utilizes a solvent based, hybrid (STPU) formulation which allows for the coating to be successfully applied at a variety of temperatures including below freezing.

In order to apply, the area receiving the coating must be clean, dry, and free of frost or any contaminating substances. The XL Perm ULTRA VP can be roller applied at temperatures down to 5° F, and spray applied provided materials meet conditioning and equipment requirements. Low temperatures and relative humidity will reduce the cure rate of moisture cure, fluid applied coatings. The hybrid (STPU) formulation is less sensitive to low temperature/relative humidity then competitive chemistries and will continue to cure at these conditions.  See table below for skin times and cure rates at low temperatures/relative humidity.

For spray equipment requirements, please visit our air, vapor, and water barrier page for more information.

Cure Conditions Barrier Characteristics Skin Time System Full Cure Time Coating Thickness Wet Mils
 75° F / 50%RH  15-20 Mins  45-60 Mins  10-14
 10° F / 30%RH  3-4 Hrs  36-48 Hrs  10-14
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