July 08, 2024

Can XL-Perm ULTRA NP be Applied in Rain Screen Applications?

Three years ago, we wrote a blog post about XL-Perm ULTRA VP and its ability to be successfully application in rain screen applications. Did you know that the Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA NP air, vapor & water resistive barrier can also be successfully installed in rain screen applications? The rain screen design is generally defined by the separation of cladding from a structural wall in an effort to manage moisture and energy transfer through a wall assembly. System components typically include metal cladding with open joints, a ventilation/drainage cavity, framing system, insulation (rock wool or polystyrene) and an air barrier. As a result of the rain screen design and subsequent open joints, up to 40% of the underlying components including the air barrier are exposed to UV, wind driven rain, etc.

In order to achieve a successful and durable air barrier application the coating must be resistant to UV and the elements. The Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA NP coating’s unique STPU chemistry exhibits excellent UV resistance, weather-ability, washout resistance and color retention and is approved for use in rain screen applications.

The Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA NP is sold in a black formulation which is typically the color selected for use rain screen applications. Custom colors are also available (minimum batch quantities will apply). Pecora’s standard material warranty will apply to all rain screen applications.

Application Guidelines:

  • All surface preparation requirements can be found in the XL-Perm ULTRA NP Product Application Guideline. As noted in the afore-mentioned Product Application Guidelines, these surface preparation requirements must be met including sealing and flashing all seams, gaps and rough window openings with the Pecora XL-Flash Liquid Flashing and Joint Filler.
  • When utilized in rain screen applications, the Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA NP is applied at a minimum 30 wet mils in a single coat via an airless sprayer or roller.

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