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Pecora-28-2Create attractive and striking architectural spaces by selecting the right colors, color combinations and textures. We can help you achieve virtually any visual and color blending effect, thanks to industry-leading color capabilities:

  • Just Add Color. Achieve Unprecedented Flexibility With 890FTS & 890FTS-TXTR.  Mix the perfect color in the desired texture in the perfect amount right in the field using our 51 standard or custom Universal Color Packs.
  • Pre-Matched For Your Convenience. With over 7,500 current formulas on file for silicone, urethane and latex chemistries, chances are our color experts already have your color.
  • Time Is On Your Side. Pecora’s state of the art color lab can match just about any color to any substrate that your project requires. Just complete a color match form and send in your color sample and within 5 business days, we will have a color chip for you to review.

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To expedite your color matching needs we have pre-matched colors for the following manufacturers:

To Order a Custom Color
Just complete a Custom Color Order Form and send it in along with your color sample. Within 5 working days you will receive a cured chip sample for your approval.

All Custom color match requests should be routed through our customer service department. Your customer service representative will inform you of your order delivery date after we’ve received color approval and your product order has been placed.

Custom Color Order Form

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