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The company, now known as Pecora, Inc., shifts its focus from paint to sealants and adhesives. Pecora paints were applied to warships and industrial machinery. The construction industry, with curtainwall and other new building systems, began shaping high-rise apartments and office buildings across the nation.

Pecora Chemical Corporation of Texas expands its presence with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas. This facility quickly became a success, supplying a wide range of products to customers worldwide and consistently increasing production capabilities and sales volumes.



Pecora Chemical Corporation, under the leadership of President Laurance E. Bowen, recognized the need for a distinct corporate identity as their research facilities expanded, leading to accelerated developments in chemically formulated products for the construction industry. This shift came with a new management philosophy and improved procedures in various departments. Additionally, the company opened a sales and warehouse facility in Atlanta, Georgia, with Alfred J. Guthrie serving as the Southern Regional Sales Manager, having been part of the company since 1951.

Pecora’s corporate objective has always been to provide quality products at a reasonable price. Products have found application in prestigious landmarks like The White House, Empire State Building, Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, United Nations Building, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and many others. The management team’s mantra focuses on constant improvement in service, delivery time reduction, distribution, market forecast, and on-the-job technical support to outperform competitors.



Announcement of new expansion into Lower Salford, current location: 165 Wambold Road, Harleysville, PA 19438

Pecora Chemical Corporation, led by Laurance Bowen, Jr., represents the fourth generation of the founding family.



In early August, Pecora Chemical Corporation commenced construction on its new $1 million headquarters. At this time, they offered 113 sealants, caulking and glazing compounds, and building adhesives. Additionally, an article in Glass Digest highlights the company’s presence with headquarters and expansions in Texas, Atlanta, and overseas.

Pecora relocates to its new manufacturing facility at 165 Wambold Road in Harleysville, PA 19438.



The introduction of silicone sealant to the product line established it as the flagship product.

Introduction of a line of silicone sealants for the window and door fenestration market.



President, Joseph Virdone, initiated the consolidation of manufacturing operations and subsequently closed down the Garland, TX plant.

Introduces the industry’s first field tintable silicone sealant, 890FTS.



Introduction of new OEM solutions, including Thermal Barrier Silicones and silicone narrow joint sealer. Also, launched the industry’s first and only complete line of non-staining technology silicone sealants.

Expands operations by adding a new finished goods warehouse in Hatfield, PA, and relocates its customer service department to this facility.



Constructs a cutting-edge laboratory for Technical Service within the Harleysville facility. Expansion of the Field Tintable Silicone line to include 890FTS-TXTR.

Acquisition of Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing deck coating line.



Introduction of XL Perm – an air, vapor, and water barrier protection system.

Pecora launches the Calculator App of popular sealants and coatings calculator to assist customers with purchasing the right about material for their project.



Release of industry’s first non-permeable STPU air, vapor, and water barrier protection system hits the market.

Unveiling of HB1000 Polyurethane Traffic Membrane.



Release of SilcoPrime.

Bethesda, MD

The Lauren

Bethesda, MD is a thriving urban center home to numerous restaurants, retailers, art venues and is considered to be one of the most renowned communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. So it wasn’t surprising when a DC developer decided to build high-end boutique condos, available for ownership in spring 2016, called The Lauren.

The Lauren