Structural Glass and Glazing Sealants

Innovative Glazing Products

Obtain strong, long lasting bonds with Pecora’s complete line of silicone sealants that meet or surpass industry standards for window and door applications. These sealants are ideal for both new construction and remedial window installation applications.

Semi-Self Leveling Silicone Sealants

New methods for sealing around screw-heads, bolt holes, corner details and mechanical fasteners are critical to keep pace with the changing designs in the window and curtainwall industry. Utilizing a controlled flow silicone sealant instead of a non-sag version reduces material usage, labor and cost on average of 40% – without any tooling.

Pecora’s 896-SSL and 896-TBS-SSL
Infiltrate into all cracks ensuring a complete seal with no waste of  material while providing excellent adhesion without shrinkage and cracking.

  • Reduce material usage average of 40%
  • Infiltrate into cracks
  • No tooling

Silicone Narrow Joint Seam Sealer – Pecora 1215 Seam Sealer

Pecora offers an alternative to the odorous acrylic sealants used for sealing narrow joints and seams.  Pecora’s  1215 Seam Sealer is a VOC compliant, 100% silicone sealant that eliminates the problems associated with traditional solvent cut acrylics.  The moisture cure silicone formula reduces noxious odors on the production line, increases productivity with a faster cure rate and meets the requirements of AAMA 803.3, Type II.  1215 Seam Sealer also provides UV black light visibility for improved quality control ensuring superior adhesion to structural thermal barriers such as Insulbar®. 1215 can be applied via plews gun or cartridge. To learn more about 1215 Seam Sealer.

Thermal Barrier Silicone Sealants

Thermal barriers were introduced years ago in to window and sash frames to insulate against heat and cold conduction. By separating the outside metal parts from the inside with a thermal barrier or insulation, the amount of heat or cold transferred through the frames can be greatly reduced, saving on heating and cooling costs. As the thermal barrier technology advances, unique sealant solutions are needed to accommodate these new materials. Pecora is proud to have developed the first fast-cure and self-leveling sealants that adhered to thermal barriers consisting of light-weight glass-reinforced nylon – 896-TBS Thermal Barrier Silicone™ and 896-TBS-SSL

High Impact Silicone Sealant

Window systems are often now required to provide shock, impact and vibration resistance in many areas of the country. As an integral part of these systems, structural silicone sealants must meet the AAMA 506.00 requirements of high strength and resilience in order to withstand wind cycle loads, blast and missile impacts. Pecora’s 896-HIS meets these requirements while providing the superior adhesion needed for structural glazing applications and glazing applications for hurricane & high impact-rated windows and doors.

Exhaustive window system testing has been conducted to verify the sealant’s exceptional adhesion and performance.

Production Enhancement Options

To increase productivity on the manufacturing line and to lower production costs, Pecora offers two optional additives to our entire line of 896 sealants: Black Light Visibility and Beaded Spacers.

  • Black Light Visibility: Pecora’s 896 sealants can be visible under black light to reveal gaps in the sealant bead. Now potential leaks can be detected immediately improving quality control and reducing the number of field failures.
  • Beaded Spacers: Eliminate the labor intensive and costly process of adding blocks or mechanical spacers to the window bedding. Beaded spacers can be included directly in the sealant firmly holding glass in place on the production line and protecting the integrity of the thermal seal.

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