June 01, 2022

Installation Precautions When Applying Pecora-Deck 800 Series

In section #4 of our Pecora-Deck 800 Series Application Guide, we discuss the seven installation precautions when applying the product. These include: temperature limitations, aggregate, ADA slip-resistance guidelines, vehicular ramp applications, general mixing instructions, recommended solvents for cleaning, and safety precautions. For this week’s blog post, we explore the importance of following the ADA slip-resistance guidelines.

There is currently no established specification and test method for skid resistance under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), but the current ADA general recommendation is that static coefficient of friction be above 0.6 for flat surfaces and 0.8 for ramps. Pecora Deck Coating Systems will meet this requirement when installed according to our literature.

The American with Disabilities Act Architectural Guidelines, Appendix Section A.4.5, Ground and Floor Surfaces, reads:

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends that walking surfaces have a static coefficient of friction of 0.5. A research project sponsored by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) conducted tests with persons with disabilities and concluded that a higher coefficient of friction was needed by such persons. A static coefficient of friction of 0.6 is recommended for accessible routes and 0.8 for ramps.”

Test Results

Static Coefficient of Friction was determined using ASTM D4518 with a neoprene surface in contact with the sample under test. The results reported are the average of 3 measurements each. Measurements were taken at 25o C under both wet and dry conditions.


Under the conditions of this series of tests, all standard Pecora Deck Coating Systems comply with the ADA guidelines for slip resistance. Actual installed slip resistance is affected by a number of installation-related factors, including aggregate size, type, amount, and installation technique. Agreement should be reached between the specifier and applicator regarding the desired finished surface profile appearance.

For this test, the Pecora Deck Systems were tested without aggregate, since this is sometimes done in stadiums and mechanical rooms to make cleaning easier. In this configuration, slip resistance decreases dramatically when wet and does not meet the guidelines for ramps. Consideration should be given to the use of aggregate on ramps and other sloped walkway surfaces to ensure that universal safe access is maintained.

For more information or deck coating application and equipment recommendations, we urge you to contact our Pecora Corporation Technical Services Group. Our expert team is highly qualified to answer any question, recommend the proper solution, or provide testing training. Our Technical Services staff offers training in product technology and use and provides the technical assistance you require in the planning and implementation of your project. They can be reached by email or by phone (800)-523-6688.


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