Joint Location and Condition

Joint Location and Condition

• The location of joint openings must permit applicator access to install joint components and to properly tool the sealant.

• The spacing of joints contributes to establishing the correct joint width.

• Wider spacing requires wider joints.

• At every termination detail there must be adequate access and sufficient bonding area for sealant application.

• The joint opening must allow for sufficient placement of sealant and other joint components.

• The substrate(s) must be sound and free of materials that would compromise adhesion i.e. dirt, debris, oils, curing compounds, etc.

• Perimeter seals must provide a minimum .25” wide surface for an adequate sealant bond interface.

• A minimum depth of 1/4 inch is required for the sealant to substrate bond. A minimum width of 1/4 inch opening is necessary to ensure that sealant applied from a caulking gun will flow into the sealant joint properly.

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