March 06, 2024

Pecora Corporation Introduces HB1100-SA to the Traffic Coating Product Line

Pecora Corporation, a leading manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing solutions, is proud to announce the addition to our Traffic Coatings & Sealants line with Pecora-Deck HB1100-SA, integral aggregate, single-coat application, polyurethane waterproofing and traffic bearing coating.


Pecora-Deck HB1100-SA is a two-competent, self-leveling, fast curing, UV & weather resistant, low VOC, polyurethane traffic coating system specifically designed for use in both exterior and interior applications exposed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

This coating is applied as a one-step traffic coating system that includes an integral aggregate and functions as both a waterproofing and traffic bearing deck coating system.


Benefits of the product include:

  • Quicker Return to Service
    • Expedited return to service minimizes disruptions allowing surfaces to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic in a fraction of the time.
    • Pedestrian Traffic: One Hour Return to Service
    • Vehicular Traffic: Four to Six Hour Return to Service
  • Single-Coat Application & Integral Aggregate
    • Saves time during installation, reducing construction schedules and project timelines resulting in savings of labor and product costs.
  • Weatherproofing & Traffic Bearing Coating
    • All-in-one system engineered to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic, while providing an effective traffic bearing barrier against water infiltration, preventing moisture-related damage.
  • Polyurethane Formulation
    • Durable, flexible, and resistant to various environmental conditions.
  • Sustainability
    • Zero VOCs and low odor to protect the environment and those applying the product.

We have developed a comprehensive application video to demonstrate how the product is applied. The video can be viewed on our YouTube channel


For the technical datasheet as well as the safety datasheet, please visit our website at We also encourage you to contact our Technical Services Support at or by phone at 800-523-6688 if you have any questions about the product.


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