November 01, 2023

Pecora-Deck 8013VC Pedestrian System: Decorative Vinyl Chip Option

Our Pecora-Deck Traffic Coating Product Line offers a variety of customizable options to suit the specific project needs of our customers. From quartz blends and vinyl chip aggregates to a wide range of color options, our coatings are versatile and adaptable, catering to both functional and aesthetic requirements. For this week’s blog post, we explain the application process of applying a decorative vinyl chip option for Pecora Deck 8013VC Pedestrian System.

Application Instruction:

  1. Surface preparation
  2. Prime concrete with Pecora P-801-VOC (<100g/L) or P-808 (<450g/L)¹ primer at 250 to 350 square feet per gallon. Allow primer to dry 1-8 hours.
  3. Apply base coat of Pecora 802 Base Coat at 50 square feet per gallon using a ¼” notched squeegee. (Must apply base coat the same day as priming, otherwise reprime.”
  4. Apply base coat to cure overnight (minimum).
  5. Apply Pecora 806 top Coat at 100 square feet per gallon using a 1/8” notched squeegee.
  6. Broadcast 16-30 mesh aggregate² at 10-15 pounds per 100 square feet white the Pecora 806 Top Coat is still fluid. Immediately backroll to encapsulate the aggregate.
  7. While the Pecora 806 Top Coat is still fluid, broadcast 2mm decorative vinyl chips at a rate of 2 lbs./100 ft² (as shown below) to 8 lb./per 100 ft² (not shown). The vinyl chip coverage rate is determined by the final appearance desired.
  8. Allow the 806 Top Coat to cure overnight.
  9. Apply 806 Clear Top Coat at 80 square feet per gallon using a 3/16” notched squeegee. Backroll with ½” nap roller for even coverage.
  10. Allow Top Coat to cure 24-48 hours prior to opening to traffic.

Installed Thickness:        mils (millimeters) excluding aggregate

                                                       Wet                                               Dry

Base Coat                                      32 (.81)                                          26 (.67)

Top Coat                                        16 (.40)                                         11 (.28)

Clear Top Coat                              20 (.51)                                         11 (.28)

Total                                              68 (1.72)                                       48 (1.23)


CAUTION:             Pecora deck 800 forms a non-breathing membrane and therefore is generally not used on-grade or outside on concrete surfaces poured over vapor barriers (such as vented metal decks or between slab membranes). Consult Pecora Technical Service for applications on-grade, over unvented metal decks or concrete with between slab membranes.


¹ Check local VOC regulations for product compliance prior to installing deck coating primer.

² Employees using crystalline silica must wear an approved respirator if the exposure is above the permissible exposure level. Consult manufacturer’s guidelines for safety practices.


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