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Make LEED Submittal Easier

Achieve easier, faster submittals for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System with Pecora’s standard LEED letters for use in your submittal process. LEED is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for sustainable building design, construction and operation. LEED provides building owners and operators with the tools they need to have to understand the product’s immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance. Pecora submittal letters can help with the process for your building project.

Not sure how Pecora sealants and coatings can help you acquire LEED credits?  Please review our Pecora Green Building/LEED Guide to see exactly which credits will apply to your project.

For VOC emissions testing, reports and certificates please visit the Submittal Documents page.

LEED documents are available below in PDF format.

Silicone Sealants

860 864NST 890NST
890FTS & 890FTS-TXTR 895NST 898NST
AVB Silicone PCS Silspan

Pre-Formed Silicone


Urethane Sealants

Dynaflex Dynatred™
Dynatrol™ II Dynatrol™ II-SG Urexpan NR-200

Hybrid Sealants

Dynatrol I-XL HYBRID Dynaflex SC NR-201

Latex Sealants

AC-20 +Silicone® AC-20 FTR® AIS-919
AVW-920 Tilt-Seal™

Traffic Sealants

300-SL 301-NS  Dynatrol™ II-SG
Urexpan NR-200 NR-201 Synthacalk GC2+

Butyl Sealants

BA-98  BC-158

Glazing Sealants

1215 Seam Sealer 860 895NST
896 896-HIS 896-SSL
896-TBS 896-TBS-SSL 896FC
985 AVB Silicone

Security Sealants

896-HIS Dynaflex Dynaflex SC
Dynapoxy EP-1200 Dynatrol™ II

Polysulfide Sealants

Synthacalk GC2+



Traffic Coatings

Pecora-Deck 800 Pecora-Deck HB1000

Air, Vapor, and Water Barrier Products

AVB Silicone XL-Flash XL-Perm Ultra VP
XL-Perm Ultra NP

Water Repellents

Klere-Seal 910W-920-W Klere-Seal 940S VOC Klere-Seal 9100-S


P-53+ Primer P-75 Primer P-100 Primer
P-120 Primer P-150 Primer P-200 Primer
P-225 Primer

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