May 16, 2022

Pecora SilcoPrime: STPU-Based Primer for Exterior Grade Architectural Wall Coatings

Pecora’s SilcoPrime is an STPU (silyl-terminated polyurethane) based interlaminary primer that is specifically formulated to promote the adhesion of exterior-grade, non-silicone-based architectural wall coatings when applied over existing silicone-based wall coatings.

Silicone based architectural wall coatings may, over time, become unsightly due to atmospheric deposits of dust and dirt. Cleaning can be costly and only a temporary measure at remediation. Re-coating with high quality acrylic architectural coatings is not an option, and is typically limited to silicone-based materials as most organic coatings will not adhere to the existing silicone-based coating. The solution is the use of Pecora SilcoPrime as an interlaminary primer which will act as a permanent bridge between the existing silicone base coating and the new acrylic architectural coating.

Some advantages of the product include:

  • Extensive laboratory and field testing for durability and performance
  • Easy application via brush, roller, or sprayer at 3-5 wet mil thickness
  • Low-temperature application down to 10° F
  • Meets federal and local VOC regulations


For more information on SilcoPrime from the specification data sheet, please visit our website To speak with someone from our expert team of highly qualified Technical Services Group, please email or by phone at (800) 523-6688. Our Technical Services staff offers training in product technology and use and provides the technical assistance you require in the planning and implementation of your project.


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