flashing: Protecting Against Water Intrusion

Pecora’s flashings represent a vital component of our fluid-applied air barrier system. They are specialized waterproofing membranes, strategically installed at vulnerable points in a structure to prevent water infiltration. The primary purpose of flashing is to direct water away from areas where it can cause damage, such as leaks, rot, or structural deterioration. Pecora offers two main types, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Both can be applied independently or as a component of our fluid-applied air barrier systems.

Pecora’s self-adhered flashing is cold-applied and designed to act as a general-purpose and through-wall flashing. This flashing utilizes a durable, weather-resistant barrier that can adhere to a wide variety of building substrates.

Pecora’s silicone transition flashing is pre-formed and designed to create an airtight transition seal between curtain walls and the building envelope. This flashing is particularly useful in applications that require a flexible membrane for seamless transitions.

Serving as a cornerstone within weatherproofing and waterproofing systems, flashing assumes the critical task of skillfully managing and redirecting water away from susceptible areas, ensuring the safeguarding of both the building itself and its occupants.