Non-Staining Technology

Intelligent Engineering: A True Innovation in Sealant Technology

Surface staining and residual rundown aren’t just cosmetic issues; they can significantly impact how owners, tenants, and visitors perceive a structure’s overall quality. Such shifts in perception can harm the reputation of construction and maintenance partners

A Pioneer in Non-Staining Sealants

At Pecora, we take pride in our position as the industry’s pioneer, offering the first and only comprehensive line of Non-Staining silicone construction products. Our NST Non-Staining Technology™ is the culmination of years of research and development within Pecora’s labs, followed by rigorous verification of non-staining attributes in independent facilities.

Pecora’s NST silicone sealants are carefully formulated to eradicate free-silicone-fluid molecules, which have a tendency to migrate into substrates, run down the building’s exterior, and result in unsightly staining, which can be both unattractive and costly to remove. Pecora’s unique sealant formulation ensures the required flexibility to accommodate a building’s constant movement. Even high-end technology or facade substrates remain safeguarded because the root cause of staining problems has been entirely eliminated.

With Pecora’s Non-Staining Technology, you can eliminate the risk of damage to valuable substrates, avoiding costly repair work, and protecting the reputation of architects and contractors. It’s a genuine innovation in sealant technology, offering peace of mind by preventing fluid migration, particularly when working with high-priced porous substrates.

A Pioneer in Non-Staining Sealants

Experience the difference with Pecora’s Non-Staining sealants and our breakthrough Non-Staining Technology. Say goodbye to surface staining worries and ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your construction projects.