Architectural Silicone Sealants

Discover High-Performance Silicone Sealants with Non-Staining Technology

For nearly four decades, Pecora has been a trusted name in the world of silicone sealants. We offer a comprehensive range of flexible and protective silicone sealants tailored to meet your project’s unique requirements. Whether you’re looking for specific adhesion, modulus, joint type, rheology, or cure speed, Pecora has the ideal silicone sealant solution for you.

Experience the Innovation of
Non-Staining Silicone Sealants

Surface staining and residual runoff can be more than just cosmetic nuisances; they can significantly impact how building owners, tenants, and visitors perceive a structure’s quality. Pecora introduces a true innovation in silicone sealant technology with our Non-Staining Technology™ (NST). With NST, you can preserve your building’s pristine appearance for years to come. Our NST technology prevents staining and runoff by:

  • Minimizing fluid migration from the silicone sealant to the substrate.
  • Resisting dirt pickup and environmental pollutants.
  • Enhancing color stability and UV resistance.
  • Improving adhesion and compatibility with various substrates.

Pecora is proud to be the pioneer and sole manufacturer offering a comprehensive line of non-staining silicone sealants. The best approach to managing staining and runoff is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Pecora’s NST is the culmination of years of proven innovation, field research, and product development.

Experience the Innovation of<br />
Non-Staining Silicone Sealants
Pecora Field Tintable<br />
Silicone (FTS):

Pecora Field Tintable
Silicone (FTS):

Just Add Color™

Pecora’s 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR are top-tier, non-staining silicone sealants that can be easily tinted right on the job site. With the addition of our Universal Color Packs, you have the choice of 51 standard colors or the option to have our Color Lab match your specific project requirements.

Choose Your Desired Appearance

Choose Your Desired Appearance

As the industry’s premier textured field tintable silicone sealant, 890FTS-TXTR is ideal for historic restoration projects involving stone, grout, or other natural materials.

No Overruns, No Leftovers,<br />
No Concerns!

No Overruns, No Leftovers,
No Concerns!

Pecora’s 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR not only ensure top-quality results but also help you save money and reduce product waste. You can precisely select the right amount, color, and appearance of the silicone sealant you need, eliminating waste and concerns.