Butyl Sealants

Discover the Durability of Pecora
Corporation’s Flexible Butyl Rubber Sealants

Pecora’s line of butyl sealants features products that are non-skinning, non-hardening, and permanently flexible. This includes a gun-grade version designed to limit sound transmission and act as a vapor barrier for various materials such as polyethylene vapor barrier films, wood, metal, and foam boards. By remaining permanently adhesive and flexible to all substrates, it maintains an airtight seal.

Pecora also offers a high-performance butyl sealant product that is a one-part gun-grade, glazing sealant formulated from virgin butyl rubber. This product provides a long-lasting durable seal between joints of similar and dissimilar surfaces. It adheres excellently to multiple substrates including clean concrete, gypsum, metal, glass, plastic, and wood surfaces without the need for a primer. It remains flexible even at extremely low temperatures (-40°F), ensuring reliable performance in various climates.

For long-lasting seals in masonry, steel, glass, and other common construction materials, explore Pecora’s range of one-part butyl rubber sealants.

Trust in the flexibility and reliability of butyl sealants to ensure your projects are well-protected.

When it comes to reliability and durability, butyl sealants stand out as a top choice. These sealants have an impressive track record, known for their resilience against cracking or drying out over time. They can withstand a range of challenging conditions, including moisture, UV exposure, and high temperatures, ensuring a lasting and dependable seal.

Versatile Bonding Capabilities

Butyl sealants offer remarkable bonding capabilities, adhering securely to a wide variety of materials. Whether it’s wood, metal, glass, concrete, or more, these sealants form a strong and flexible connection, adding to their versatility.

Ideal for Larger Joints

Butyl sealants are particularly well-suited for sealing larger joints, making them an excellent choice for waterproofing and soundproofing solutions. They can also be seamlessly integrated with other materials like mineral wool, intumescent strips, or collars to enhance their performance.

Achieve Long-Lasting Seals

Experience the longevity and reliability of Pecora’s one-part butyl rubber sealants. Our specialized line of sealants is designed to create enduring seals in various applications, including masonry, steel, glass, and other common construction materials.

Trust Pecora Corporation’s flexible butyl rubber sealants to provide the durability and flexibility you need for your sealing projects. Create robust, long-lasting seals that withstand the test of time with our top-quality sealant solutions.