Fire-Rated Sealants

Elevate Fire Safety with Pecora’s UL® Rated Fire-Rated Sealants

Pecora’s fire-rated sealants play a pivotal role in safeguarding buildings from potential hazards. These UL® fire-rated sealants serve as a critical component alongside other firestop products such as fire-rated doors, windows, or ducts. Their application extends to areas where fire risks are heightened, such as around electrical outlets, pipes, or cables.

Pecora Corporation’s UL® Classified Fire-Rated Sealants offer an exceptional solution for creating robust firestopping systems, particularly in expansion joints and through penetrations. When installed correctly, these sealants prove highly effective in containing fire, smoke, toxic fumes, and water for extended durations of two, three, or four hours, depending on your specific design requirements.

These fire-rated sealants find their utility across a wide spectrum of applications, including schools, hospitals, churches, high-rise office buildings, and other public-use structures. Their presence ensures a secure and orderly evacuation plan in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Elevate Fire Safety with Pecora’s<br />
UL® Rated Fire-Rated Sealants