Security Sealants

Strengthen Security with Pecora Corporation’s Tamper-Resistant Security Sealants

In the world of architectural sealants, the focus typically revolves around weatherproofing, long-term durability, and accommodating joint movement. While these properties are indeed valuable, they fall short in many institutional settings where security is paramount. Institutions like correctional facilities, behavioral health units, schools, and child care centers demand a higher level of security sealants to mitigate risks such as contraband concealment, misuse injuries, or ingestion hazards.

Security Sealants: The Choice for Tamperproof Solutions

Traditional architectural sealants may not suffice in these high-stakes environments. Security sealants must stand unwavering, offering tamper-resistant and tamperproof qualities. This shift towards security-grade sealants necessitates some compromise, primarily in the sealant’s ability to withstand substantial joint movement.

Maintaining Movement Capability with Tamper Resistance

At Pecora Corporation, we understand the need to strike a balance between security and flexibility. While transitioning from standard sealants to security-grade options may sacrifice joint flexibility, we’ve developed tamper-resistant sealants that bridge this gap. Our innovative sealants ensure movement capability while upholding the essential security standards for properly designed joints.

Elevate security standards without compromising on movement capability by choosing Pecora Corporation’s tamper resistant security sealants. Our solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of correctional facilities, behavioral health units, schools, and other high-security settings, offering peace of mind and uncompromised security.

Security Sealants: The Choice<br />
for Tamperproof Solutions