Primers And Additives

Pecora’s Traffic Coating Primers and Additives: The Key to Durable and Efficient Deck Coating Systems

Discover the power of Pecora’s traffic coating primers and additives. Designed to seal concrete and plywood substrates, these products ensure superior adhesion when applying deck coating systems.

Ensuring Adhesion with Concrete Primer

A concrete primer is a key component in any deck coating system. It works by penetrating and sealing concrete or plywood substrates, ensuring superior adhesion when applying deck coating systems. This is particularly important for maintaining the integrity and performance of the coating over time.

In addition, a concrete primer can also rejuvenate existing polyurethane coatings. This allows new coatings to chemically bond with the existing ones, ensuring a seamless and durable finish.

Primers & Additives
Enhancing Efficiency with<br />
Self-Priming Additive

Enhancing Efficiency with Self-Priming Additive

A self-priming additive enhances adhesion to concrete and plywood deck surfaces when used in elastomeric base coats.

The advantage of using a self-priming additive is that it eliminates the need for a separate primer. This not only saves time during application but also makes the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Accelerating Cure Time for Faster Service

Accelerating Cure Time for Faster Service

An accelerator is designed to speed up the curing process of base, intermediate, and top coats. This is particularly useful in cooler temperatures where the cure rate can be slower. By speeding up the cure time, the deck coating system can be put into service sooner, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Traffic coating primers and additives are vital for achieving strong adhesion, resilience, and efficiency in deck coating applications.