Traffic Coatings

Pecora Coating Systems: Long-Lasting Protection Against the Elements

Our Pecora-Deck Traffic Coating Systems are designed to shield surfaces prone to wear, such as concrete or plywood, from damage caused by vehicular and pedestrian traffic abrasion. They offer robust protection against the destructive forces of sun, water, temperature shifts, chlorides, and corrosive chemicals. For concrete surfaces, our Pecora-Deck Traffic Coatings Systems provide an added layer of protection from freeze-thaw damage and chloride induced corrosion.

Where decks are elevated, these traffic coatings provide excellent waterproofing for the occupied space below. This ensures that your spaces remain dry and protected, regardless of what’s happening above.

Pecora offers a variety of traffic coating products and systems designed to meet the requirements and challenges of different types of applications. Whether you’re dealing with concrete, plywood, or other materials, we have a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Our long-lasting protection ensures the durability of your surfaces against the elements and traffic. Choose the Pecora-Deck Traffic Coating System that fits your project and Protect your Investment.

Deck Coatings