May 23, 2024

Project Spotlight: SugarTop Resort Condominiums


One-mile up Sugar Mountain in Banner Elk, North Carolina sits an incredible and one-of-a-kind structure, The SugarTop Resort Condominiums. This remarkable ten-story building was originally constructed in 1981. No one had ever dared to develop a project like this at the top of a massive mountain. The 10-story concrete box on a ridgeline was extremely intrusive and not well loved by the community. Because of this, within three years of construction in 1983,  the state had passed the North Carolina Mountain Ridge Protection Act regulating the construction of tall buildings or structures on mountain ridges ( Originally, the building was assembled using precast concrete which was constructed on site. A temporary concrete plant was built, and contractors mixed, formed, and erected panels to build the ten-story structure.

Over the years, the building experienced some deterioration due to aging leading to the need for a significant restoration project. And because the building was built at the top of a mountain on a ridgeline, the construction site was extremely challenging. Challenging in terms of weather conditions and access to certain sections of the building. At times, one couldn’t even see the resort from the parking lot due to the fog. There was a significant amount of prep work that needed to be done before the restoration could even begin. Water intrusion had caused a saponification chemical reaction with the paints causing the coatings to corrode and exposing the substrate underneath ( Varies methods were used to remove the previous coatings, but pressure washing, or hydro blasting worked best. Having to remove the previous coatings in the dead of winter, contractors had to work in miserable conditions. They took a foot at a time, and it was cold. Although Pecora was not involved this particular portion of the project, it just goes to show the unpleasant conditions these contractors were working in.

Because of the long-standing partnership developed by our Pecora Technical Sales Representative, Andy Bell, and our product’s history of performance, the project team reached out for specifications on a traffic coating. The coatings currently applied to the precast balconies throughout the condominiums needed to be removed and replaced. Bell recommended our Pecora-Deck 800 Series Pedestrian System for the project. Our Pecora-Deck 800 series are elastomeric, one-part, polyurethane, cold applied, liquid traffic coating systems. These coatings are applied in multiple coats and were designed to protect concrete and plywood wearing surfaces from vehicular and pedestrian traffic abrasion. Where decks are elevated, such as in this application, these coatings proved excellent waterproofing for the occupied space below. Contractor and applicator, EDS Waterproofing & Restoration applied the system in three coats: P-801-VOC Primer, Pecora 802 Base Coat, and Pecora 806 Top Coat. The 806 Top Coat was selected in the color Colonial Gray.

Alongside Pecora Traffic Coatings, our sealants were also utilized for the project. All sealant in the vertical precast control joints was cut out, removed, and replaced with Pecora 890NST in Limestone by EDS Waterproofing & Restoration. Similarly, the sealant applied to the wet glazing was cut out, removed, and replaced with 895NST in Black. A lot of the work involving Pecora products was performed while on a swing stage. The swing stages were mounted to the boulders that surrounded the building. One had to climb on a big rock in order to even get on the swing stage and then proceed up the mountain. Andy Bell said he made a lot of trips to the jobsite and climbing on the rocks to get on the swing stage was a common occurrence.

The restoration of The SugarTop Resort Condominiums on Sugar Mountain was a monumental endeavor, marked by its unique challenges and demanding conditions. Despite the harsh weather and difficult access, the dedicated team coupled with our Pecora products played a role in revitalizing this iconic structure. We would like to thank EDS Waterproofing & Restoration for choosing Pecora, all of us at Pecora could not be prouder to be a part of this incredible project. The restored SugarTop Resort now continues to stand proudly atop the mountain, ready to be cherished for years to come. To learn more about our Pecora-Deck Traffic Coatings or Sealants, please visit our website



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