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6100 Wilshire Blvd – Los Angeles, CA

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Hollywood production studios, talent agencies, law firms, real estate companies and countless others call 6100 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles their home away from home. Primarily used for commercial office space, the building is ideally located in the heart of the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles County. The building is an impressive 18-story high-rise with a glass facade and curtain wall that was originally built in 1986.

After more than a quarter century of wear-and-tear from harsh weather and pollutants the building was in desperate need of a little TLC. Property owner Kennedy Wilson Properties decided it was time to restore the building and add some energy-efficient upgrades. John Weir of JA Weir & Associates was the consultant.

For the exterior building restoration and waterproofing they needed a contractor that was knowledgeable, well respected and a seasoned veteran on the California landscape. The choice was clear -Century Restoration of Los Angeles has worked on many of the world's premier properties to enhance the exterior façade both functionally and aesthetically, using over thirty-one years of experience to solve unique restoration problems.

The job was complicated by the unitized construction with difficult four-way splices as well as old sealant migration onto existing window panes. Century needed a sealant that would provide excellent protection but not stain or streak to preserve the restored aesthetic look of the facade. Kelly McBride, President of Century Restoration, Inc. chose Pecora895NST to get the job done. "Century Restoration Inc. prides itself on solving difficult curtain wall leak issues using the best materials available. We chose Pecorasilicones for both performance and the Non-Staining Technology that reduces or eliminates the rundown of light fraction silicone bleed oil that is common with other brands. This is especially important for jobs that are wet-sealed on a reflective glass that makes them extremely difficult to keep clean if the silicone sealant bleeds "loose juice". Previous repairs at this building exhibited unsightly streaking on the exterior glass that was eliminated by using the Pecora895 NST silicone sealant."

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