Traffic Coatings Project

Charleston Fire Station – Charleston, SC

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Our Pecora-Deck HB1000 was recently applied to the floors of the Charleston Fire Station in Charleston, South Carolina. HB1000 is a high build protective monolithic industrial coating and the newest edition to our line of traffic coating offerings. Some major advantages of this product include excellent adhesive characteristics, low to no odor, fast curing, VOC compliant across the country, and no off-gassing, bubbling, or swelling of the coating. Originally, our Pecora-Deck 800 Series Deck Coating was specified for the project. Because the application would be indoors and the fire station needed to return to service as quick as possible, contractors switched to the HB1000 for its fast curing and low to no odor properties. The High Build system was applied in three coats: 808 Epoxy Primer, 802 Base Coat, and HB1000 Top Coat which also aids in the savings of labor costs.


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