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Church of The Resurrection – Leawood, KS

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This Church’s massive new sanctuary seems to stretch to the heavens. The building’s design is meant to be an interaction between the viewer and the building itself. Blueprints for the Church state that the building “tells our story and welcomes the community.”

The 3,500 seat building has seven curved stainless steel “sails” that rise an additional 65 feet above the 40’ building base which are meant to represent the seven days of creation and the seven days of the holy week. In addition, a magnificent 35-foot by 92-foot stained glass window is the focal point of the structure – it will be visible from adjacent streets and highways.

Project Info

Cost: $93 million

Height: 102 ft

Square footage: 82,500 SF

Ground Broken: Spring 2015

Opening Date: Opening Easter 2017

Architect: HGA Architects and Engineers/Gould Evans           

General Contractor: McCownGordon Construction

Caulking Contractor:  S&W Waterproofing, Inc.

Substrates:  Natural stone – natural stone, natural stone – aluminum, natural stone – stainless steel

Project Scope 

We are proud to partner once again with caulking contractor S&W Waterproofing (Lenexa, KS) for this special project.

Our central regional business manager Keith Waters has offered unparalleled support to S&W for the last 15 years. The newest addition to our central sales team, Jeff Boston, has also formed a close relationship with S&W. Fostering customer relationships helps Pecora do our part for awe-inspiring projects like the Church of the Resurrection.

The entire church sits on a 35-foot-tall podium made out of natural Kansas limestone. Pecora 890NST silicone sealant is used to seal the joints of the limestone base. Pecora 890NST is a one-part, neutral-curing, ultra-low-modulus silicone sealant. Its non-staining properties are a perfect match for natural substrates. Thanks to 890NST, the Kansas limestone base of the Church will be stain-free for years to come.

Tall, narrow windows are included in between the stainless steel “sails” to allow natural light into the sanctuary. These windows are sealed with 890NST at the joints between the limestone and stainless steel.

All dissimilar material junctures, such as window perimeters, aluminum panels, stainless steel gutters and building plaster surfaces, are also sealed with Pecora 890NST. Its ultra-low modulus, high extension/compression, and recovery properties provide strong adhesion to most building substrates.

The Church stands in a relatively open area. Because of its size, there aren’t any surrounding buildings that shield it from harsh conditions. Pecora 890NST protects the Church from extreme weather, ranging from the strong Kansas summer sun to bitter winter ice storms. Exposure to these elements has little effect on 890NST’s performance properties.

Pecora 890NST also accommodates long-term joint movement of +100-50%, which means the Church is not only weatherproof, but it remains flexible under dynamic conditions.

Pecora Protects the Church of the Resurrection

Workers are currently installing pieces of the sanctuary and balcony. Not only will the new addition create a more intimate and sacred worship space, it will also bring the Church’s community closer together. The Church’s current sanctuary was designed to be temporary. It will be remodeled following the addition’s completion.

We know how important it is to have a sense of community. That’s why we want to protect your projects and your reputation, just like we protect the Church of the Resurrection.

The new Sanctuary building opens Easter 2017.

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