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Florida Residential Home – Fort Myers, FL

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Pecora manufactures the essential products needed to weatherproof and protect a building. Sealants are applied around window perimeters along with control and expansion joints to prevent air, water, and vapor from entering the building. Air barriers work the same but are applied to the exterior of the building underneath a building’s façade. Deck coatings help to prevent degradation that occurs when water infiltrates traffic-bearing surfaces, protect against the elements such as sun, water, and temperature shifts, and reduce concrete deterioration from freeze-thaw damage, chloride-induced corrosion, and cement paste deterioration.

In addition to protecting a building from mildew and mold, maintenance costs, and water/vapor damage, weatherproofing has been known to assist with energy efficiency by saving property owners on heating and coolers costs. Weatherproofing also allows for better health, not just of the building but for those who inhabit as well. In the Fall of 2022, Pecora experienced a first when we were informed one of our weatherproofing products actually helped save a life.

In late September to early October 2022, Hurricane Ian began barreling through the Caribbean, Cuba, and the Gulf of Mexico making its way straight for Southwestern Florida. The storm was rapidly gaining strength and upgraded to a Category 4 by the time it made landfall. With winds of 155mph, which is just shy of a Category 5, Hurricane Ian hit the beautiful beach town of Fort Myers. Storm surges were reported between 15 and 18 feet high. Homes, marinas, boats, etc. were reduced to rubble and found miles away from their initial resting place.

In July 2022, contractor, Noel Painting and Waterproofing reached out to Pecora’s Southwestern Florida representative, Nick Burns, to inspect the installation of our Pecora-Deck HB1000 High Build Deck Coating System. The system was applied to the metal roof of a new home located right over the main bridge into Fort Meyers. The owner wanted the metal panels coated with “the toughest stuff you can find.” Noel Painting and Waterproofing suggested HB1000 because of their previous work with the product. HB1000 was applied in three coats totaling 100 mils: 808 Epoxy Primer (one coat), 802 Base Coat (two coats at 20 mils each), HB1000 Top Coat (three coats at 20 mils each with an aggregate in each coat).

As Hurricane Ian approached, a neighbor next to the new home with HB1000 decided to ride out the storm. Their single-family house shifted, flooded, and began to fall apart from the weight of Ian. As the flood waters rose nearly 18 feet, the neighbor had no other choice but to swim and seek refuge on the third floor of the new home. Thankfully, due to material shortages, there were no windows, so the neighbor huddled in the corner hoping the house would fare better than their own. The new home suffered very minimal damage and the metal roof with HB1000 held in place protecting the neighbor from rain, flooding waters, and flying debris.

Our Pecora-Deck HB1000 High Build System is a fast-curing, low odor, industrial grade alternative to traditional polyurethane coatings allows high mil (up to 125 mils) single and multi-component applications without the typical swelling, blistering, and foaming issues typically associated with o"-gassing. HB1000 creates an aesthetically appealing surface while protecting traffic- and non-traffic-bearing substrates from water infiltration, UV degradation, and physical abuse. HB1000 may be applied over the Pecora-Deck 802 or 802 FC elastomeric Base Coats when a waterproofing system is also required.

After the storm, Nick Burns returned to the new home to inspect the HB1000 coating. As he was coming down from the roof, a man drove up and asked Nick who he was. Nick informed the man he was the manufacturer of the coating applied to the metal panel roof. The man stuck out his hand and informed Nick he was the neighbor who sought protection on the third floor of the new home. While shaking Nick’s hand, the man stated in reference to the HB1000 coating, “that is some strong ass shit that helped save my life.”

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