Traffic Coatings Project

Hartsfield Jackson Airport – Atlanta, GA

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Our durable Pecora-Deck coating systems deliver resilient protection against the elements and traffic whether its for maintenance, restoration, or a new construction. Wearing surfaces like concrete or plywood are shielded from damage caused by pedestrian traffic abrasion, and the destructive forces of sun, water, temperature shifts, chlorides, and corrosive chemicals. To protect the walkways, crosswalks, and mechanical/electrical rooms of the Hartsfield Jackson Airport West Deck, design professionals and contractors chose our Pecora-Deck Coating Systems. TCM Waterproofing applied our Pecora-Deck 800 Heavy Duty Pedestrian System to the surfaces previously listed because these are locations with a lot of constant foot traffic. The 800 Series is a single-component, fluid applied, polyurethane, elastomeric, crack-bridging membrane, multi-coat system that provides abrasion and wear protections This product defends against UV, airborne chlorides, and freeze-thaw damage. 


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