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Kidder Mathews Property Management Group – Fife, Washington

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The gaskets and sealant around the storefront/curtain wall of the distribution center owned by Kidder Mathews Property Management Group in Fife, Washington required a full replacement. To remedy this issue, contractors performed a full window re-set and replacement. In addition, they cut out and re-caulked the sealant around the windows using our 895NST. Combining a highly trained contractor with the proven success of a Pecora silicone sealant from further structural damage and full window replacement, saved the building owners massive amounts of money. Our 895NST is a high-performing, neutral curing, non-staining, medium modulus silicone sealant specifically designed for structural and non-structural glazing. This product will not stain sensitive porous natural stones and will not contribute to residue rundown. Reduction in long term dirt pick up on sealant surface is also a feature of our Non-Staining Technology line of silicone architectural grade sealants.


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