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Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV

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Named after the ancient Egyptian city, the Luxor is the fifth largest hotel in Las Vegas and the ninth largest in the world. When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of Luxor's giant pyramid shape.

The resort contains 4,407 rooms and 120,000 square feet of gaming space.

Project Info

Cost: $375 million

Height: 30 stories (350 ft)

Ground Broken: April 1991

Opening Date: October 15, 1993

Architect: Veldon Simpson Architects, Inc.

Glass/Glazing Contractor: Accuracy Glass and Mirror

Caulking Contractor: Hammond Caulking

Substrates: Glass Panels

Project Scope

Luxor's sides are essentially curtain walls sloped at 40 degree angles. The glass in the curtain walls was starting to slip out of place. Glass joints were also starting to split, causing rainwater to seep through the joints.

Pecora was called in twice to re-seal portions of the Luxor, thanks to our West Coast sales rep Kelly Johnson's strong relationships with Accuracy Glass and Mirror and local Las Vegas Distributor CSS. The first restoration was completed with Pecora 895 NST silicone; the second was completed with Pecora Sil-Span.

Restoration 1

Mock-ups were completed for adhesion testing, preparation and installation procedures. Our 895 NST sealant, which is specifically designed for structural and non-structural glazing, was used to re-glaze glass to metal joints. Upwards of 20,000 sausages were used.

Non-staining sealants are important for the aesthetic of glass exteriors. Since 895 NST is a non-staining silicone, it does not contribute to residue run-down on curtain walls. 895 NST is also truly versatile because of its primerless adhesion capabilities, long open time, and fast cure after the first set. 

This restoration presented many challenges for workers. Luxor's 40 degree incline meant applicators couldn't use a swing stage to apply the sealant. Instead, they strapped into safety lines and rappelled down the pyramid's sides. Since the pyramid's glass reaches temperatures in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, restoration only occurred during cooler hours (between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m.). Despite the difficult application process, the sealant still performs well under Luxor's tough conditions.

Restoration 2

Leaking vents called us to Luxor a second time. The original sealant used on some of the vents failed, causing water damage in several guest rooms. Accuracy Glass and Mirro sealed some of these vents with Sil-Span, Pecora's pre-formed silicone profiles. 

Sil-Span is an extruded, high molecular weight, low-modulus silicone. It offers impressively high movement capability and high tear resistance. Sil-Span maintains its performance even in harsh weather. It can be custom-colored and textured to meet any project specifications.

Sil-Span was adhered to the glass and metal using 895 NST silicone. The bond creates an impenetrable seal over the joint. Most other silicones allow for residue run-down caused by fluid migration. Just like the first restoration, 895 NST's non-staining formula helps Luxor's glass look its best. 

Here at Pecora, we don't specialize in building pyramids, but we're happy to restore them using our high-quality products. 

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