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North Carolina Governor's Mansion – Raleigh, NC

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Shaded by groves of old, beautiful trees and surrounded by multicolored flowers, the North Carolina Governor’s Mansion is a staple of the state. Built in 1883, the building exemplifies the best of Queen Anne-style architecture. It was placed on the National Historical Register of Historic Places in 1970 and has its own historical society. To keep its features looking sharp, the mansion has undergone several restorations and preservations.

A governor’s job is to protect the people he serves. It’s only fitting that his residence should ensure a quality stay.


5 wooden porch decks on the Governor’s Mansion needed to be rebuilt. The old decks leaked, which affected occupied space in the mansion’s basement. The decks sat directly above the basement, an entire area of 3500 sq. ft.

When specifying products for the rebuild, architect Bill Sears of SHKW Inc. (Raleigh, NC) took a closer look at Pecora’s deck coating products. Based on Pecora 800FC’s reputation for being fast-curing, field-tintable, and of course, waterproof, he specified us for the job.  

Once the new wood was laid on the decks, Pecora-Deck 800 FC was applied over the wood. The applicators (Langdon & McKenzie of Garner, NC) followed the simple steps needed to apply all coats properly. They started with Pecora 801 Primer, then moved on to the 3-step Pecora-Deck system. They put down Pecora 802FC, followed by our 804FC Intermediate Coat and 806FC Top Coat. The top coat was a special rose color that can only be made with Pecora field-tintable deck coating products. This color was critical to the rebuild because it had to match the mansion’s historic colors.

Installers reported that the product was easy to work with, despite applying Pecora products for the first time.

Pecora-Deck 800 FC Series is a two-component, fluid-applied, elastomeric polyurethane. Its fast-cure system allows reductions in labor costs and facility down time. Its low odor and low VOC primer allow for easier interior and close-quarter applications. We offer our 800 FC series in 40 field-tintable colors. If you are looking for a color beyond our standard line, we encourage you to call us and order a custom batch. The possibilities are unlimited!

Pecora Protects the NC Governor’s Mansion

Although Pecora-Deck 800 series is best known for expansive projects like parking garages, it’s just as effective in smaller spaces like the Governor’s Mansion. Plus, with unlimited field-tintable color options, Pecora is the best solution to keep your project looking its best – no matter the age or size. 

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