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The Palazzo – Las Vegas, NV

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The Palazzo is one of the most recognizable buildings in Las Vegas. After all, it's the tallest completed building in the state of Nevada. The Guinness Book of World Records named the Palazzo the largest hotel in the world - its total floor space is 6,948,980 square feet.

Not only does the Palazzo contain 3,068 rooms, it also houses the Las Vegas auto museum, a huge array of boutique stores, and over 8 luxury restaurants.

The hotel's architecture evokes the best of European and Mediterranean atmospheres.

Project Info

Cost: $1.8 Billion

Height: 60 stories (642 ft)

Ground Broken: Q1 2005

Opening Date: December 2007

Architect: HKS, Inc.

Glass/Glazing Contractor: Embassy Glass

Caulking Contractor: Applied Restoration, Inc. (EIFS panel joints, window perimeter joints)

                                       Hammond Caulking, Inc. (Marble-faced corrugated metal panel joints)

Substrates: EIFS, anodized aluminum, marble-faced corrugated metal panels

Project Scope

Before textured silicone sealants, if a project required a grout-like appearance, sand was broadcasted into wet silicone beads. Although the sand gave the sealant the desired finished appearance, it limited the sealant's movement capability. The sand could also "wash out" over time, making the sealant prone to failure and negatively impacting the building's aesthetic. 

Integrated texture allows the silicone to look like grout without the fear of sand washout. Silicones look less desirable with sand washout because they only give the appearance of a silicone joint.

When it was time to address the joints at the newly constructed Palazzo, Silver State Marble approached us with a unique challenge: design a pre-textured silicone that could withstand +/- 50% movement.

Pecora proudly accepted their challenge and formulated a product that not only met these requirements, but offered the benefits of Pecora's non-staining technology (NST). That's how our 890 FTS-TXTR silicone line was born. The Palazzo was the first ever project to utilize this industry-leading product. 

890 FTS-TXTR is a neutral-cure silicone sealant that will not stain natural stone such as marble and granite. It is perfectly suited for projects like The Palazzo, which require the sealant to have a grout-like appearance, adhere to a variety of substrates, and won't leach free fluids.

It is also useful on EIFS panels because of its low modulus and proven adhesion to all base and top coats. 890 FTS-TXTR is conveniently field-tintable, using one of our 51 Universal Color Packs. 

Another big consideration on this project was the cyclical joint movement between the EIFS panels, which posed a potential challenge: some of the Palazzo's joints started out at 2 inches wide and tapered down to 1/2 inch. The ultra-low modulus performance properties of 890 FTS-TXTR allow it to perform under this extreme condition.

Pecora Protects the Palazzo

You can find 890 FTS-TXTR on the first 3-story podium of the building - it's used in all of Palazzo's stone-faced Alucobond panel grout joints and marble grout joints. 890 FTS and 890 NST were also used in the tower's EIFS panel joints and window perimeter joints.

Thanks to Pecora's longstanding relationships with Applied Restoration, Inc. and Hammond Caulking, Inc., applying this innovative new sealant on the Palazzo's largest tower was a success.

2000 gallons of Pecora sealant and 9 years later, the Palazzo stands elegantly over the Vegas skyline. 


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