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Panorama Towers – Las Vegas, NV

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The Panorama Towers are located across from the Vegas Strip. They command attention away from the lights of the busy casinos. The towers evoke architectural styles similar to those found in New York and Los Angeles - a style that isn't easily emulated on the Strip.

Project Info

Cost: $600 million

Height: 33 stories (420 ft)

Opening Date: 2006

Architect: Klai Juba Architects

Contractor: M.J. Dean Construction, Inc. 

Caulking Contractor: Hammond Caulking, Inc.

Substrates: EIFS-EIFS expansion joints, EIFS-metal perimeter joints, EIFS-urethane deck coating

Products used: 890NST

Project Scope

Pecora’s 890NST was chosen for application on the Towers' EIFS to EIFS expansion joints, EIFS to metal window perimeter joints, and EIFS to cured urethane deck coating. 

Pecora 890NST is a one-part, neutral-curing, non-staining, ultra-low-modulus silicone sealant. It reacts with atmospheric moisture to create a durable flexible bond.  890NST is especially suited for EIFS panels since it adheres to all base and top coats and places minimal stress on the bond line. Its versatility is proven by its ability to adhere tenaciously to a variety of substrates, such as those used on the Towers.

890 NST is available in a wide range of standard colors and an endless array of custom colors.  In order to maintain simplicity of design and to create seamless color transitions between the various substrates, Aluminum Stone and Tru White were selected as the colors on the towers.

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