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Regatta Beach Club – Clearwater, FL

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Clearwater Beach is a popular Florida destination, thanks to its location along the pristine shores of The Gulf of Mexico. Since its construction in the 1940s, the Regatta Beach Club has remained a crown jewel of Clearwater Beach. It is one of the largest luxury condominium buildings in the area, located just steps from the famous beaches. Because of this prime location, Regatta Beach Club residents can enjoy uninterrupted views of the Gulf on their own private balconies. 

Project Scope

Over time, the concrete on the balconies at the Regatta Beach Club started to show wear. Extensive concrete repairs were needed to fix poor waterproofing and years of chloride intrusion. The structure consists of conventionally reinforced concrete with cantilever balconies.  32,000 sq. ft. of a pedestrian system deck coating was required to repair and protect the balconies.

When a disruption in the original deck coating supplier occurred, engineer of record Carlos Odell (CE Odell & Associates) reviewed and compared product data. He found that Pecora-Deck 800 Series offered superior performance properties. Based on his findings, he approved a product substitution on the project. Due to Pecora’s dedication to service and the customer, we were able to keep the project on schedule: Pecora-Deck 806 Top Coat was quickly matched to the existing color, and the material was produced and shipped from our plant to the site.  The contractor K-Crete Solutions LLC’s Abner Salguro, Operations Manager, states “We will be using Pecora-Deck 800 as our coating of choice on future projects.  Its superior performance, cost effective pricing, coupled with being readily available, makes selecting Pecora-Deck 800 the right choice for our clients.”

Pecora-Deck 800 Series is a seamless, single component, liquid applied, elastomeric, polyurethane coating.  Performance features include high adhesion and crack bridging properties that result in a waterproof membrane that will provide years of durable service and protection. Pecora-Deck 800 series is the perfect choice for properties like Regatta Beach Club – it’s resistant to the effects of a corrosive chloride rich environment and the UV damage that's typical in seaside exposures.

Pecora Protects Regatta Beach Club

The project was finished in June 2017. Regatta Beach Club residents have been enjoying the newly-renovated balconies since, thanks to the superior waterproofing protection and performance of Pecora-Deck products.

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