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Ski and Racquet Club Condominiums – Breckenridge, CO

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PRODUCTS: Pecora-Deck 800 Series

The project was an immense and difficult undertaking because of the terrain, the environment and the short construction period

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of America's top ski vacation destinations, The Ski and Racquet Club offers the perfect balance of location, amenities, and hospitality. Descend the slopes under a sunny blue Colorado sky by day, then return home to your condo, and curl up next to the fireplace with family and friends.

This forty year old complex is a triple T pre-cast concrete construction that was in need of repair and protection. Chris English from Western Waterproofing, Denver, CO was tasked with the issue of poor water drainage on the decks. Chris worked effortlessly with the Club's association to develop a repair and protection program that could be completed at the same time as the condo association installed a new building envelope. Western Waterproofing help the association create their budget for the repairs and made sure they stayed on track financially. Chris turned to Pecora to help provide a system of concrete repair and a waterproofing deck system that would withstand the harsh environment at 10,000 feet above sea level with extreme snow amounts for 7 months of the year and freezing/thawing. Ed Nagel, Pecora's Manufacturing Representative and Chris Sajbel, Pecora's West Coast Regional Manager spent a lot of time walking the decks with the engineers and the management team to determine the correct course of waterproofing needed for the sloping front decks. As well, they helped educate the team on concrete repair and protection.

A plan was set to use Pecora's Deck Coating 800 Pedestrian System for the deck waterproofing. Our system was a great match because it's durable, skid-resistant wearing surface which protects the decking against damaging effects of water penetration, freeze-thaw damage, and the effects of de-icing salts. The Pecora Deck Coating 800 Series offers five standard color choices, the association chose Desert Tan for this project. All the front walkways were originally sloped towards the building, so Pecora® Tempo 3000 concrete patching was used to create positive drainage away from the building. Pecora® Tempo 3000 Plus is a fast setting, fiber reinforced, polymer modified high strength cement based repair mortar designed for partial and full depth applications. Two thousand bags of the Tempo 3000 were used in the resloping application of the decks. A positive ¼" per foot slope was established to drain water off the deck and away from the buildings. The Tempo 3000 was also used to complete all of the concrete deck spall repairs. Some of these repairs were full depth deck repairs. Dynatrol® II was used on all control joints and as the transition system from the decking to the wall. It was used as a general purpose non-sag elastomeric sealant that creates a tenacious bond and watertight seal between materials of similar or dissimilar surface textures, porosities or expansion coefficients. Ed worked with Procoat Systems in Denver, CO, a full stocking distributor of Pecora products to make sure they had proper inventory for this large scale renovation.

The project was an immense and difficult undertaking because of the terrain, the environment and the short construction period. But after 10 months the Ski and Racquet Club construction was completed. The repairs, protection, and new envelop system surpassed all expectations during the fall and harsh winter of 2102-2013 by performing exceptional. The Ski and Racquet Club is now as breathtaking as the views it supports.

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