Air, Vapor and Water Resistive Barriers Project

Spanish Key Condominiums – Peridido Key, FL

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Throughout Pecora’s 160 years, we have taken a solutions-based approach to solving our customer’s weatherproofing challenges.  Some of the innovations our team has brought to the market include a sealant with integral aggregate to replicate mortar, our Non-Staining Technology (NST) line of silicone sealants that eliminate residue rundown and dirt pick-up, and a high-build industrial grade traffic bearing membrane with low to no odor. Our research and development are centered around enhancing our customers’ experience with our products and solving the challenges they bring to us from the field.

Our newest offering, SilcoPrime, was developed after years of experiencing compatibility difficulties related to exterior silicone wall coatings. SilcoPrime is an STPU-based primer for exterior grade architectural wall coatings that promotes adhesion to existing silicone-based coatings. 

Spanish Key Condominiums is a premier beachfront property located in Peridido Key, Florida. This beautiful building offers residents amenities such as an indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub. In addition to being situated just steps from white sandy beaches, the Spanish Key Condos are just a short walk from Flora-Bama which boasts bars, restaurants, and incredible shopping (

The property owner’s association at Spanish Key noticed the silicone coating on the exterior of the building was experiencing unsightly dirt pick-up. This was diminishing the aesthetics of the building. The only options at the time were to re-coat the building with another silicone coating. In short time, the dirt pick up would appear again. The result was frequent cleaning and re-coating. These short-term fixes were becoming unsustainable and so contractor and installer, C-Sharpe Inc., looked to Pecora for help.

SilcoPrime was applied as an interlaminary primer over the existing silicone coating. The primer allowed C-Sharpe to select a new acrylic coating that would not experience the same level of dirt pick up as the silicone coating. The SilcoPrime acts as a permanent bridge between the existing silicone base coating and the new acrylic coating. With this system in place, the overall appearance of the building would remain intact and the increase in time between coating cycles would save the property owners the cost of constant maintenance.   

Ultimately, the Property Owner’s Association were very happy with the completed project. Pecora SilcoPrime offered owners a cost-effective way to keep the building looking fresh and reflective of its beautiful environment. Engineer on the project, BE-CI was also equally pleased with the final results and has already specified SilcoPrime for future projects.

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