Traffic Coatings Project

The 9898 Bluemound Offices – Milwaukee, WI

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We believe customer service is key in order for any of our projects to be successful. The same is said for the 9898 Bluemound Offices project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 7,000 sq. ft. covered parking lot was experiencing water issues that were affecting the basement underneath the parking area. The need for a reliable long-lasting deck coating to recoat the space was imminent. After consulting with Pecora Sales Representative, Ryan Laube on the advantages of working with Pecora’s deck coating systems contractor, StructureWerks of Brookfield, Wisconsin chose our Pecora-Deck HB1000 system. The system was applied in three coats: P-801 Primer, 802 Base Coat, and High Build Top Coat. While working with the product, StructureWerks stated they liked the time and cost savings of being able to install the intermediate and top coats together. HB1000 allows for the option of a single coat to achieve what is normally achieved in a multi-laminate application of traditional PU coating systems. The reason this is possible is embodied in the name of the product, High Build refers to a single coat high millage application. High mil applications are made possible based on our proprietary 100% solid bio based hydrophobic polymer system. This system is not plagued by issues related to moisture, solvent off gassing, and CO2 evolution as is the case with more traditional PU traffic coating systems.


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