Traffic Coatings Project

The Wharf – Orange Beach, AL

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PRODUCTS: Pecora-Deck 800 Series, P-801-VOC Primer

The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama is a premier Gulf Coast vacation spot. This popular destination consists of luxury condos, shopping and dining, a full service marina with direct access to the Intercoastal Waterway, and an Amphitheatre that hosts the biggest musical acts in the country. And for those who aren’t afraid of heights, The Wharf boasts the largest Ferris wheel on the Gulf Coast.

Over the last few years, the resort has undergone many phases of updates and development. When it came time to re-coat the balconies and walkways of The Wharf’s Levin’s Bend condos, the obvious choice was Pecora-Deck 800 Series. The Pecora-Deck system offers the versatility to fit a variety of application needs whether it be walkways, balconies, parking decks or tennis decks.

Because of their combined 50 year experience in high performance coatings application, I.C. Coatings (ICC) out of Gulf Shores, Alabama was chosen as the contractor for this extensive project which consisted of 170,000 square feet of walkways and 195 individual balconies. ICC used Pecora’s P-801 VOC Concrete Primer along with Pecora-Deck 806 Top Coat. P-801 VOC Concrete Primer is used to seal concrete surfaces ensuring the adhesion of new polyurethane coating. Pecora-Deck 806 Top Coat is a one-part polyurethane elastomeric top coat that cures to form a flexible,
resilient and seamless waterproofing membrane. These coatings are specially formulated for superior resistance to abrasion, water penetration and UV damage. The Pecora-Deck 800 system provides the perfect protection from the damaging elements that are often present in a seaside town.

The re-coat at The Wharf lasted approximately six months during which time the contractors at ICC performed what they consider to be some of their best work. Owner, David Keenum and Project Manager, Justin Keenum stated that for a project of this size any obstacles they encountered were mitigated by support from Pecora. David appreciated that Pecora’s Technical Service team was always available to answer any questions that occurred along the way.

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