Technical Services

Helping You Protect Your Project Every Step of the Way

Choosing the right weatherproofing product is crucial for a building project. There are many factors to consider, such as substrates, surface treatments, and application designs, that affect the performance of your building. Our goal is to make your product selection and application process easier and more effective. Pecora’s Technical Services Department provides you with practical and appropriate solutions to meet the performance requirements of your project. Our expert team can recommend the proper weatherproofing solution and conduct compatibility, adhesion, and stain testing between Pecora’s sealants and your samples.

Our Technical Service team also offers on-site presentations and training on product technology and use. We provide the technical assistance you need at any stage of your weatherproofing project.

Routine Services

Our experts are ready to answer your waterproofing and restoration questions 24/7. Our team develops solutions tailored to your new construction or restoration project. Technical Services offers the following routine services:

  • Technical Services Help Desk (available 24/7): Expert assistance is just a phone call away.
  • Product Recommendations: We suggest the right products for your new construction or restoration project.
  • Application Solutions: We provide guidance on the best application techniques.
  • Lab Testing: We conduct ASTM compliant adhesion, compatibility, and stain testing.
  • Structural Glazing and Weatherseal Drawing Reviews: We offer expert insights into these critical aspects.
  • Submittals Made Easy: Access all the necessary documents in one place, including product test reports, performance certifications, LEED Certification, and sample warranties.
  • Warranty Administration: We help with warranty-related matters.
  • Project Site Visits: Our team can visit your project site for expert advice.
  • Sales and Technical Presentations: We offer AIA accredited presentations.
  • Product Training: Learn about our products and how to use them effectively.
  • Sales Aids: We provide color chips and joint samples.
  • Firestopping Engineering Judgement: Access our application form.

testing services

Please submit enough representative substrate samples for all the testing required with the testing form. From the date we receive your samples, we need the following time frames for accurate testing:

  • Adhesion Testing: 2 Week Minimum
  • Stain Testing: 7 Week Minimum
  • Compatibility Testing: 5 Week Minimum

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Director, Construction Materials Technology



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Group Leader, Technical Service


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Technical Service Representative


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Technical Service Representative


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Sales Aid Technician


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