Security Applications

Security Applications

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  • Security sealants contain the properties to prevent idle tampering and vandalism that can endanger children, patients and citizens. The use of security sealants also provides benefits from an economic perspective:
    • Decreased risk of lawsuits
    • Decreased maintenance costs
    • Increased service periods of sealants
    • Decreased replacement costs
  • A “tamper proof” or “tamper resistant” sealant requires a Shore A hardness of up to 80+ and 50, respectively, to prevent it from being easily removed from a joint.
  • Standard architectural joint configuration g
    uidelines must be followed in moving joints to ensure movement capabilities of the sealant.
  • Security sealants used in non-moving joints do not have a requirement related to width to depth configurations. When installing security sealants in non-moving joints, tamper resistance and tamper proof properties are improved when a greater volume of sealant is installed in the joint.

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