Silicone Construction Sealants


Maximize jobsite flexibility and structural protection while minimizing costs with Pecora’s innovative line of silicone sealants solutions. Our silicone construction sealants are designed to eliminate the staining of porous substrates, reduce the need to repair or remove aged and failing sealant, and to reduce the cost of wasted product on the jobsite.

Some of Pecora’s innovations in high-performance silicone construction sealant solutions include:

  • Unprecedented Flexibility with 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR Silicone Sealants – high-quality, non-staining silicones that can be quickly and easily tinted at the jobsite. Pecora’s 890 Field Tintable Silicone line is the industry’s first to include a textured option. Perfect for historic restoration where stone and grout have previously been utilized. Used in conjunction with our Universal Color Packs, you have 51 standard color options to choose from. Custom color packs provide you with the flexibility of virtually any color your specific project requires. Pecora’s 890FTS and 890FTS TXTR eliminate waste and reduce your overall jobsite costs by allowing you to select your amount, select your color and select your appearance.


  • NST Non-Staining Technology™ Don’t Stain Your Reputation® offering the industry’s first complete line of non-staining silicones. We have removed the free fluids that are commonly associated with substrate staining as well as the residue rundown often seen on glass and metal panels. By removing the possibility of fluid migration Pecora has virtually eliminated the possibility of staining and residue rundown. NST silicones also provide the additional benefits of increased adhesion and reduced dirt pick up as compared to traditional silicones. Click here to download a sample NST 20-year warranty


 To learn more about how Pecora’s line of non-staining silicones can help protect your  project, download our Silicone Sealants Brochure or our NST Brochure.

  • Sil-Span preformed profiles are an alternative to the costly removal of aged, failed sealant or costly substrate repair. Sil-Span allows you to simply bridge over the joint or glazing detail with a pre-formed low modulus profile that can be textured and colored to match your substrate.


Products Description  
PCS Pecora Contractor Silicone

One-part, neutral cure, Medium Modulus Architectural Silicone Sealant

Color Chart
Tech Bulletin
Pecora 860

Glaziers & Contractors Silicone Sealant

Pecora 864NST

Non-Staining, Low Modulus Architectural Silicone Sealant

Pecora 890FTS & 890FTS-TXTR

Field Tintable, Non-Staining Silicone Sealant – Smooth & Textured

Color Chart
Pecora 890NST

Non-Staining, Ultra-Low Modulus Architectural Silicone Sealant

Pecora 895NST

Non-Staining, Structural Silicone Glazing & Weatherproofing Sealant

Pecora 898NST

Non-Staining Sanitary, Mildew Resistant Silicone Sealant

Pecora AVB Silicone

One-part, Primerless Silicone Sealant for Air-Vapor Barrier Surface Transitions

Color Chart
Pecora Sil-Span

Preformed Silicone Profiles

Color Chart
Universal Color Pouches

Pigment/Silica Colorant

Color Chart
Tech Bulletin

100% Pre-formed Silicone Transition Membrane

Color Chart
Tech Bulletin

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