Urethane Construction Sealants

Ensure durability, adhesion, and abrasion resistance with Pecora’s urethane construction sealants and coatings.  Whether your project requirements include traffic coatings, high performance security sealants or general construction sealants, we have a product to meet your project needs. Paintability, high tear resistance, low shrinkage and the flexibility to tint in the field using our Universal Color Packs, are just some of the benefits provided by Pecora’s urethane products.

General Purpose Sealants – multi-component and one-part urethane sealants for use in expansion and control joints in pre-cast panels , tilt up walls, metal curtain walls, window and door perimeters, and glazing details. Their wide color range and low modulus make them a highly effective choice in exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS).

Security Sealant Systemis comprised of the industry’s sealants of choice when the security of the building and it’s inhabitants is a concern. Pecora’s Dynatrol II, Dynaflex, Dynaflex SC and Dynapoxy EP-1200 contain physical properties that make them pick-proof or pick-resistant which prevents vandalism and idle tampering in prisons, schools, public buildings and animal enclosures.

Traffic Sealants – that are ideal for all traffic grade surfaces to reduce pavement deterioration by preventing surface water penetration into underlying layers. Available in both self-leveling and slope grade for  areas that are subject to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Pecora-Deck 800 and 800FC Series – designed to waterproof concrete or plywood decks, these coatings are available in both pedestrian and vehicular traffic grade versions. When time is a concern, we have you covered with our Pecora-Deck 800FC System, which is a two-part fast cure system that is both low VOC and low odor. Both the 800 and the 800FC systems offer you the flexibility of a field tintable top coat for use with our standard Universal Color Packs.

Products Description  
Pecora Dynaflex

Flexible Polyurethane Security Sealant

Pecora Dynaflex™ SC

Polyurethane STPU Security Sealant

Pecora DynaSpan®

Elastomeric Joint System and Sealant Components

Color Chart
Pecora DynaTred

Non-Sag, Traffic-Grade Polyurethane Sealant

Pecora DynaTrol® II

General Purpose 2-part Polyurethane Sealant

Pecora DynaTrol®II-SG

Self-Leveling, Polyurethane Slope Grade, Traffic-Grade Sealant

Color Chart
Pecora Urexpan NR-200

Self-Leveling, Traffic-Grade Polyurethane Sealant

Color Chart
Universal Color Pouches

Pigment/Silica Colorant

Color Chart
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