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Advanced Breakthrough Technology
Achieve high green strength for increased factory throughput, and strong long lasting bonds for a variety of substrates with Pecora’s innovative window and door solutions for the fenestration industry. Our products and their innovative options, were developed to promote reliable adhesion, reduce production costs, enhance aesthetics and improve product quality.

Pecora 1215 Seam Sealer: Reduce noxious odors on the production line while providing enhanced productivity and dependable performance with this VOC compliant, 100% silicone sealant.

Semi-Self Leveling Silicone – 896-SSL and 896-TBS-SSL: Control the flow around screwheads, bolt holes, corner details and mechanical fasteners while using a fraction of the material required with a traditional non-sag sealant.

Thermal Barrier Silicone – 896-TBS and 896-TBS-SSL: Ideal for insulation barrier windows offering primerless adhesion to all types of structural thermal breaks.

High Impact Silicone – 896HIS: Extensive testing has verified this sealant’s exceptional adhesion, high tensile strength, and proven performance in impact resistant glazing systems. Very fast through cures of less than 24 hours give window manufacturers increased productivity and improved speed on production lines.

Blacklight Visibility Option: Reduce the potential for field failures by improving the quality control process with Pecora’s UV option. The UV additive can be combined with any of Pecora’s 896 translucent or light colored silicone sealants giving line operators and quality teams the ability to easily detect gaps in the sealant when viewed under blacklight.

Beaded Spacer Option: Eliminate the need for blocks or mechanical spacers with our dependable silicone sealants. By adding beaded spacers directly into any of Pecora’s 896 silicone sealants, you can reduce “squeeze out” and “starved bond lines” resulting in higher-performing windows.

Technical Services for Window & Door Manufacturers

Our technical service experts work closely with you to determine which products are most suited to your production line. By offering the following services, we can help you meet your production challenges.

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Product recommendations and manufacturing process analysis
  • Application solutions
  • On-site training
  • AAMA VCL inclusion
  • ASTM compliance
  • Adhesion testing
  • Compatibility testing

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