How to Properly Apply Pecora XL-Perm Ultra VP in Cold Conditions

Welcome to the first post in Pecora’s in-depth cold weather application series!

Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP can be successfully applied at temperatures below freezing. Despite XL-Perm ULTRA VP’s versatility, certain application precautions must be followed. Now that we’re heading into the winter months, we’ve compiled a short list of frequently asked questions to help you apply XL-Perm ULTRA VP in cold conditions.

Before you start, take a look at our XL Perm overview video. 

How should I prepare the surface for XL-Perm in cold conditions?

Inspect the surface to ensure it’s clean, dry, and free of frost or any contaminating substances.

What should I use to apply XL-Perm in cold conditions?

You can roll or spray XL-Perm ULTRA VP in cold weather.

If you’re rolling the product, you may roll in ambient temperatures down to 5°F. Note that the product becomes more viscous at extremely low temperatures. See the graph below that illustrates change in product viscosity related to temperature.

xl-perm graph

If you’re spraying the product, make sure you follow the material conditioning and equipment requirements located in our XL-Perm ULTRA VP technical bulletin.

Will the product’s cure rate be affected by cold conditions?

Yes. The cure rate of moisture-cure, fluid applied coatings like XL-Perm ULTRA VP is reduced in low temperatures. XL-Perm ULTRA VP will continue to cure in these conditions, but cure times depend on three factors:

  • Temperature
  • Substrate
  • Humidity

Consult the following table for skin times and cure rates at low temperature/relative humidity:

Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP’s solvent-based, hybrid (STPU) formulation is less sensitive to low temperatures and relative humidity than competitive chemistries.

Will ultimate adhesion be affected by cold weather application?

Adhesion will not be affected, assuming all cold weather surface preparation guidelines are followed.

What steps should I take to install XL-Perm ULTRA VP?

For complete application directions, please head to our XL-Perm ULTRA VP technical bulletin.

Check back on our homepage for more cold weather application posts!

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