March 22, 2022

XL-Perm ULTRA VP: Substrate Coverage Rate Guidelines

Pecora’s air, vapor, and water resistive barrier system consists of fully engineered and compatible products that work together to provide complete air, vapor, and weather barrier protection for your building envelope. Our products can be used together as a system or independently as needed. The system products include: AVB Silicone Sealant, ProPerm VP Water-Based Fluid Applied Barrier Membrane, XL-Flash STPU Flashing and Joint Filler, XL-Span Preformed Silicone Transition Membrane, XL-Perm ULTRA VP STPU Permeable Fluid Applied Barrier Membrane, and XL-Perm ULTRA NP STPU Non-Permeable Fluid Applied Barrier Membrane.

Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP is a high solids, low mil, STPU based fluid applied coating for use on a variety of common building components. Differences in coverage rate can be expected due to the varying degrees of porosity found among common building components. The amount of substrate absorption in combination with inherent volume shrinkage will ultimately dictate the coating coverage rate and dry film thickness (DFT).

Pecora recommends a coating dry film thickness (DFT) of 8 – 12 mils applied in a single coat.

The Pecora Technical Service Group has evaluated a variety of common building components for coverage/absorption rate. All coatings were applied and cured at standard laboratory conditions. The following results were obtained:


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