Sealants for all of your Building Needs

Pecora provides our customers with a full range of innovative architectural and weatherproofing sealants complimented by a proven history of technical service and expertise. Pecora products protect and enhance every aspect of your new construction or restoration project – from weatherproofing the exterior to providing interior sealants that include acoustical, fire-rated and anti-microbial options.

Pecora’s goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions, not just products. Solutions include Pecora’s industry leading non-staining line of silicone and hybrid sealants, unprecedented jobsite flexibility with our field tintable products, high-performance glass and glazing sealants for structural and non-structural applications, and building safety and protection with our security sealants.

Non-Staining Sealants
Pecora’s high quality, non-staining silicone sealants can be quickly and easily tinted at the jobsite. This allows for unprecedented flexibility in design, application, and inventory management. Our non-staining technology can also be found in our single component hybrid STPU (silylterminated polyurethane) moisture cure non-yellowing sealant, as well as our multi-component and one-part urethane sealants. Our silicone, hybrids and urethanes are offered in a range of standard colors.

Glazing Sealants
Pecora offers a complete line of high performance sealants for demanding structural and non-structural glazing. They are suitable for factory or field applications. Pecora’s glazing solutions include products with high green strength, long lasting bonds to a variety of substrates, and Pecora’s industry leading non-staining technology (NST).

Traffic Sealants
Pecora offers a combination of both self-leveling and slope-grading based sealant products. These help to ensure proper sealing of traffic-bearing control joints, expansion joints in concrete, metal of asphalt, and other areas subject to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Acoustic Sealants
Control sound transmission through attenuated partition assemblies and ensure specified STC values by sealing annular spaces and joints around partition edges with Pecora Acoustical Sealants.

Security Sealants
Pecora provides a full line of pick proof and tamper proof security sealants with varying shore hardness properties. These security sealants contain the properties to prevent idle tampering and vandalism that can endanger children, patients and citizens.


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