August 04, 2020

35 Years of Pecora Silicone Sealants

This year, we are proud to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Pecora Silicone Sealant Program. Since 1985, Pecora has worked to provide a complete line of flexible, protective silicone sealants which we continue to innovate today. Our wide variety of silicone offerings address most any project requirement: whether a specific adhesion requirement, modulus, joint type, rheology, or cure speed, Pecora can offer a solution. Our expert team understands the many factors of selecting a silicone sealant to ensure the extended life and integrity of your building structure. Pecora’s innovative sealant solutions minimize costs from wasted product, stained substrates, or aged failing sealant with the creation of programs such as Non-Staining Technology (NST), conveniently colored field tintable silicones (FTS) with the use of Universal Color Packs, preformed silicone profiles, and 100% silicone transition systems.

After the initial creation of an acetoxy based crosslinking chemistry, Pecora’s first silicone sealants, 860 and 860 were developed. The 1990s saw incredible advances for the program with the addition of 864 low modulus, 895 structural glazing sealant, 890 ultra-low modulus, Sil-Span preformed profiles, 896 fenestration OEM, and 985 two-part structural glazing. In 1997, five years after the development of 890, Pecora announced the introduction of its first non-staining silicone, 890NST. The early 2000s were full of massive innovations for the Pecora Silicone Sealant Program. Pecora launched 300SL and 301NS two low modulus concrete construction silicones, 896SSL semi-self-leveling sealant for the OEM glazing industry, introduction of the industries full complete line of architectural non-staining technology silicone sealants – the NST Series 890NST, 864NST, 895NST, field tintable silicones (890FTS), and 890FTS-TXTR with Pecora Universal Color Packs. Throughout the 2010s, Pecora focused on OEM, low energy, and fast curing options with the addition of 1215 low VOC seam sealer, 896FC fast curing glazing OEM sealant, all translucent 896 series sealants, AVB low energy air barrier silicone, and 322FC two-component fast curing ultra-low modulus sealant. We at Pecora strive to be the industry leading experts on architectural silicone sealants and aim to provide quality products for our customers. We are continuously cultivating and expanding the business to meet our customer’s needs.

Pecora is proud to be the first and only sealant manufacturer to offer a full line of non-staining silicone construction products. Non-Staining Technology (NST) is the result of years of development in Pecora’s labs followed by non-staining verification in independent labs. Surface staining and residual rundown are more than cosmetic problems. When discoloration appears, it has a negative impact on how owners, tenants and visitors feel about the overall quality of a structure. This shift in perception can have an adverse effect on the reputation of construction and maintenance partners. This is a real problem because the hardest thing to build and maintain is a strong reputation. Traditional silicone sealants contain both molecular weight silicone polymers and low molecular weight fluid molecules. Silicone polymers are very long molecules designed to react chemically with atmospheric moisture. As a result, these higher molecular weight polymer molecules bind together and are unable to escape from the sealant. Lower molecular weight fluid molecules, traditionally present to control the modulus and other properties, are not reactive and remain unbound – giving them the opportunity to migrate out of the sealant and into the substrate over time, or run down the face of the building. This fluid migration is potentially damaging since it can coat everything it comes in contact with, but Pecora NST silicone sealants do not contain these low molecular weight fluid molecules. This effectively eliminates the possibility of staining and residue rundown while increasing adhesion and reducing dirt pick-up. Our Pecora NST silicone sealants protect your project and your reputation by exceeding industry in fluid-free architectural sealants. Our complete line of non-staining silicone product line includes the following: 864NST low modulus architectural silicone sealant, 890NST ultra-low modulus silicone sealant, 895NST medium modulus structural silicone glazing and weatherproofing sealant, 898NST sanitary mildew resistant silicone sealant, and 890FTS & 890FTS-TXTR field tintable smooth or textured silicone sealant.

Pecora 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR silicone sealant offer unprecedented flexibility as high-quality, non-staining silicones that can be quickly and easily tinted at the jobsite. You select the appearance (smooth or textured), the color (from 51 standard universal color packs), and the amount to mix only what you need, for less inventory management, no leftovers, and no worries. 890FTS-TXTR is the industry’s first silicone product to offer a textured selection in a field tintable sealant. Our Universal Color Packs offer customers standard and unique colors to maximize options without worrying about minimum batches or waiting for factory processing lead times. Leverage the flexibility to explore your vision without unnecessary inventory costs or delays.

Sealant failures are a common occurrence and can result in substantial damage. Pecora Sil-Span Preformed Silicone profiles make restoration easy with an alternative to the traditional method of repairing failed sealants. This product bridges over the joint to waterproof the building envelope while maintaining building integrity – without removing old material and avoiding substrate damage.

Most new buildings and building recladding systems use an air barrier to create energy efficient building envelopes. Creating a continuous monolithic skin remains key to the success of any air barrier system but can include challenges in connecting dissimilar components and materials. Pecora’s XL-Transition System – a simplified approach to assuring continuity of the window system or curtain wall to the air, vapor, and window barrier systems – used Pecora’s XL-Span 100% Silicone Extruded Transition Membrane and AVB silicone sealant. XL-Span is an extruded silicone membrane in 50-foot translucent, ribbed rolls available in four, six, or nine-inch-wide sections. In conjunction with Pecora AVB – a single component, 100% silicone sealant adhesive – XL-Span is applied to ensure an airtight transition. Pecora AVB Silicone adheres to a wide variety of low surface energy materials, and the XL-Transition System allows for a continuous air- and water-tight transition seal between dissimilar materials, curtain walls, and window systems.

The Pecora promise is about more than high quality sealants. It is a promise to you, to your project, to your reputation. We are hands-on and always here when you need us. Ready to make recommendations, answer questions, work through decisions, and help you find the best solution for your job. It is a promise of partnership. Here’s to many more years of providing innovative products for our customers.


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