March 17, 2020

A Project Spotlight: The Barrel Yards

For our second blog post of March 2020, we continue our discussion on field testing with a project spotlight of The Barrel Yards. The Barrel Yards is a new upscale residential living complex located in UpTown Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that features some of the best amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, library, movie theater, easily accessible underground parking garage, rooftop lounge, and billiards room.

While in the planning process of the building, decision makers sought to protect wearing surfaces such as the underground parking garage from damage caused by vehicular traffic abrasion, temperature shifts, and corrosive chemicals. In order to do so, a durable traffic coating system that could deliver resilient protection against the elements and constant traffic, was needed to coat the concrete of the garage. Because of its strength and proven longevity, our Pecora-Deck 800 Vehicular Deck Coating System was chosen to be applied.

A critical aspect of a successful traffic coating application is obtaining adequate coating adhesion to the substrate. Adhesion tests are performed to determine if adequate adhesion can be achieved or if the surface requires special preparation. Adhesion tests should be performed on representative surfaces before substantial work is commenced. Contractor on The Barrel Yards project, Pristine Painting, conducted several different tests during various stages of the surface preparation and application process.

The first step was to prepare or clean the concrete of the parking garage by shot blasting the surface.  Afterwards, an assessment of any existing cracks was performed and repaired with a traffic sealant. Before the first layer or Pecora-Deck 802 Base Coat could be applied to the concrete, a moisture test was completed to ensure optimal conditions existed prior to application. It is crucial to test the concrete before installing anything overtop of it. Using a moisture meter, contractors wanted to make sure that the moisture level that existed in the concrete would not adversely affect the ultimate performance of the product. Following the base coat, the Pecora-Deck 804 Intermediate Coat was applied, and a sand aggregate was broadcasted over top. The addition of the aggregate provides slip resistance and will also further enhance system durability. Immediately after each component of the Pecora-Deck system was installed, the mill thickness was tested to ensure the coatings were applied at the appropriate thickness. When the final layer, Pecora-Deck 806 Top Coat was applied and cured, a pull-off adhesion test was performed. The purpose of this test is to measure the adhesive strength of a material to determine whether the installation has been completed properly.

No matter the size of the project, one of the most important aspects of the job is quality control through application testing at every level of the installation. Proper test methods need to be performed to ensure product success, structural endurance, and most importantly, a happy customer.

Below are images at each level of testing for The Barrel Yards project. For more information on our Pecora-Deck product offerings, please visit our website at


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