November 02, 2022

Considerations When Applying Sealant in Glazing Applications in New Construction             

For this week’s blog post we discuss some considerations to remember when applying sealant in glazing applications in new construction. Structural sealant glazing involves attaching glass, metal, or other panel materials to a building’s window or curtain wall metal framing system in place of using gaskets and other mechanical attachments. Only structural quality silicone sealants are used since they must be able to withstand ultraviolet radiation, weathering affects, and wind load and other stresses and transfer these affects to the metal framing system. (see photo below)

  1. For effective structural sealant glazing joint design, at least the following structural joint parameters must be considered:
    1. “Bite”—defined as the effective structural contact dimension of a structural sealant required on both the panel and frame faces to accommodate the required transfer of loads.
    2. “Thickness”—defined as the minimum structural sealant dimension between structurally bonded substrates (the panel and frame) to facilitate the installation of a sealant and to reduce stress on the structural sealant joint that results from differential thermal movement.
    3. “Deadload”—the weight that a panel places on a structural sealant joint when, for certain applications, no setting blocks are used to support a panel’s weight.

Pecora offers a complimentary → Structural Glazing Appraisal Program, which is intended to reduce the risks for all team members. Compliance with the program is a requirement of all projects using Pecora structural silicone sealants. More information regarding this program may be found online.

For more information about our glass and glazing sealants, please visit our website at Pecora representatives are available to assist you in selecting an appropriate product and to provide on-site application instructions. For further information and assistance, please call our Technical Service department at 215-723-6051 or 800-523-6688.


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