October 19, 2022

Deck Coating FAQ: What Happens if it Rains Inbetween Coats?

For our second blog post of October 2022, we tackle one of the frequently asked deck coating questions we receive: what happens if it rains between coats?

If it rains between coats the coating must be dry before any subsequent coating is applied. Drying will take place naturally over time. If excessive time (generally greater than 48 hours) has passed since the coating was applied, it may be necessary to prime the existing coating once dry. The need for primer will be influenced by ambient temperatures. Generally speaking, if temperatures are above 70° F coupled with a rain event the need for priming before additional coating is applied becomes necessary. At temperatures below 70° F the need for primer may be diminished. The firm but tacky rule applies here and the coating should be checked for any level of tack to the touch. If some tack is present the need for priming is eliminated.

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